Spice up your Flowers bouquets gifts with cakes!

India has been seeing a steady growth in e-commerce, and the online gifting industry is a big contributor to the growing pie. People do not choose to spend time and effort picking out gifts from local stores anymore. And indeed, there is seldom a good reason to do so. Many online gift portals like Oyegifts are ready with thousands of unique gifts, Flowers Bouquets and combos, and it is a delight to shop from them.

The customers get a varied range of gifts, which would be difficult to get in a nearby local store. Instead, they can browse many options from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, online shopping also offers a significant cost advantage, as sites offer discounts and numerous coupons to their customers which makes the whole thing more affordable.

The digital transformation has brought everyone closer, and the ritual of gift-giving has also been revolutionized.  People can send gifts like flower bouquets and cakes, and make sure that the gifts reach their intended destination within a day. Indeed, sites like Oyegifts assure their customers speedy delivery through express delivery service so that the gifts are delivered on the same day of the order.

Combo gifts are the best

Flower bouquets make a great gift in and of itself, and who doesn’t love a slice of delicious cakes? But most gift sites offer great combos and hampers so that customers can choose a bundle of goodies to send to their loved ones. In particular, the combination of a good cake and a beautiful bouquet is unbeatable.

Whether it be a friend’s birthday or someone’s anniversary, this combination is an appropriate gift. There are numerous such combo offers present on online gift sites, so you can choose the one that strikes your fancy.

What cake to choose?

There are no dearth of good flavours to choose from, but if you are not sure about which one to go with, here’s a list of possible flavours for a cake.


Pineapple cakes may not be as common as chocolate cakes, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious. If your loved one is a fan of this flavour, then there should be no more doubts as you know what to go for! Interestingly, pineapple cakes have special significance in Taiwan, it is a symbol of hope and prosperity. Thus, over there pineapple cakes are popular engagement and housewarming gifts.


One of the most favourite bakery products for everybody must be the ever-popular chocolate cakes. If your loved one has a preference for cocoa, then picking out a dark chocolate cake for the celebration might not be the worst idea. Couple that with a nice bouquet, and you are set to go. Earlier in history, cocoa cakes or chocolate cakes were made only to be enjoyed by the wealthy, but thankfully in this modern-day and age, everyone can enjoy a slice of scrumptious choco cake!


Is there anything better than a moist butterscotch cake with added butterscotch chips? This delicious cake is a great way to make your loved ones feel as if you are close by, even when you are far away.

What’s best about choosing a butterscotch cake, is that this flavour is not as common as strawberry or chocolate, so your loved ones might be in for a surprise!

Truffle cakes

If you want to map up your regular chocolate cake affair, then you can choose to descend in chocolate heaven by ordering a truffle cake. The amazing combination of heavy cream, butter and chocolate makes a decadent frosting that will satisfy any chocolate lover’s fantasy.

If you want to give your friend a treat, then go ahead and gift him or her a chocolate truffle cake with a birthday bouquet.

What flowers to choose from?

Just like the flavours of a cake, there are many flower bouquets to choose from. It is helpful to be aware of knowing about the language of flowers, and how different flowers and their colour (and even sometimes the number of flowers in a bouquet) can have significance, and alter the conveyance of feelings.


Perhaps roses are the “chocolate cakes” of flowers, and rose bouquets are the most popular gifts for romantic occasions. Roses come in a variety of colours, and even the number of roses in a bouquet can convey different messages to the recipient.

Deep red roses predictably convey the feeling of love and affection while white roses are a symbol of purity and solemn beauty. There are yellow roses too, and unlike red roses, they are a symbol of friendship and admiration.


Orchids are exotic flowers, and one of the most sought-after ornamental flowers too. These are also of different colours, and each colour conveys a different message. In general, this graceful bloom is the symbol of luxury as well as strength and beauty.


Lilies have been associated with fertility for a long time, and they are popular choices of blooms for bouquets. White lilies are perhaps the ones that we think about whenever someone mentions lilies, and they are used as symbols of hope and rebirth.

There are pink lilies too, and they are popular gifts for family or close female friends.

Premium flowers

The customer may also choose to mix and match different breeds of flowers to make a stunning flower arrangement. Oyegifts has many such arrangements that are excellent in colour combinations and make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

A combination of flowers and cakes is perhaps the best gift of them all and doubles the joy of the recipient.

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