Sleeplessness During Pregnancy – Causes and Tips to Overcome

The moment a female conceives, she is surrounded by various physical and mental status issues that have never been experienced before. Although there have been several pregnancy guides available on the Internet to give information and direction as pregnancy progresses, there is no thumb rule since every woman has different problems and issues.

Apart from nausea, swelling, and resistance to some special food, sleeplessness is one of the biggest and often confronted problems. This symptom can occur either during early pregnancy or beyond the seventh month until the baby is born.

You must have noticed various pregnant women suffering from some or other sleep-related problems. Usually, sleeping issues occur during the later stages of the pregnancy. There are different kinds of sleep disorders and various reasons behind their occurrence.

Causes of Sleeplessness During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women face the problem of insomnia during the latter days of their pregnancy period. Several factors lead to this problem, ranging from the increasing size of the fetus to fear of delivery. Let’s look at them in detail.

#Growing Bump

Your growing belly often leads to discomfort during sleeping. Physical discomfort is one of the major issues, due to big tummy and baby’s moments create a lot of discomforts. Especially during sessions where you are calm and physically stable, the baby makes a lot of moments, which causes wakefulness. During this time, it is always advised to wear comfortable maternity clothes and sleep on your sides. You can also use extra pillows to make yourself comfortable.

#Frequent Urination

Since several physical changes occur and blood levels increase, the most commonly confronted problem is frequent urination, which can be one of the causes of irregular sleep. In addition to the growing size of your fetus, factors like the frequent urge to urinate also affect your sleep pattern. Many pregnant women face frequent nighttime urination, especially when the baby’s position pressures the bladder.


Among others is digestion. During this period, family members and relatives advise the expecting mom to eat various foods. In the name of the baby’s health, the stomach has been overloaded with all sorts of nutritious food. This calls for cramps, disturbs the stomach, and slows the digestion process at night. Any of the listed reasons can cause insomnia.

#Heartburn and Cramps

Heartburn and frequent leg cramps, especially during nights, also disturb a pregnant woman’s sleep. Backaches in pregnant women are pretty common, especially mild to severe pains in the lower back region. In addition, other problems during pregnancy like increased heart rate and shortness of breath affect the healthy sleeping pattern of a pregnant woman, leading to sleepless or disturbed nights.

#Stress and Anxiety

Along with medical conditions and problems associated with pregnancy, some emotional factors like fear and anxiety of delivery and the baby’s safety lead to disturbed sleep. You need to de-stress and relax yourself and get adequate sleep which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

Tips to Overcome Sleeplessness During Pregnancy

Are you worried so much about your pregnancy that it interferes with your sleep? How much time does it take for you to initiate a sound sleep? How often do you get up during sleep at night?

Many would answer that they feel sleeplessness, find it challenging to acquire sound sleep, or get up more often at night. These complaints point to only one thing: insomnia or sleeplessness during the pregnancy.

Not so usual, but it may be the case with some women during their early pregnancy. The physiological changes that have taken place and those that are still taking place disturb your sleep pattern. The effect of hormones tends to deprive you of sound sleep. Also, your personal factors, such as stress and worry about the future, may lead to sleeplessness.

Anyways you need to get your way out of this problem. After all, you also need a sound, balanced and nice sleep. Your baby also needs rest.

Here are a few measures or tips for coping with insomnia:

  • Have a scheduled activity timetable. Work according to it.
  • Have little naps during the day. Avoid it if you don’t get sleep at all at night.
  • Avoid drinking water just before going to bed.
  • Don’t take plenty of water at night as it may cause frequent urination, thus disturbing your sleep.
  • Wear super breathable cotton maternity nighties to sleep comfortably at night.
  • Do not consume a heavy meal at night; avoid fatty or oily foods at night.
  • Do not talk or gossip at night if you have trouble in the initiation of your sleep.
  • Have a glass of warm milk as it stimulates sleep.
  • Take a good bath before going to bed.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee.
  • Ensure that you get a sound sleep of about 7-8 hours during your pregnancy.
  • Avoid doing any exercise right before going to bed.
  • Staying active during the day will naturally stimulate sleep by making you exhausted.
  • Rest during the day and in between your work activities. This will conserve and accumulate your energy and revitalize you to perform the next task.
  • Cut down on your caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda.
  • Find a comfortable sleeping position for yourself and even consult your doctor if your leg cramps, backaches, or other problems restrict you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Thus you must understand the importance of sound sleep and rest during your early pregnancy. See your doctor or midwife in case insomnia troubles you more.

Now complete rest and whole night sleep is a must, which can not be compromised at any cost. For combating sleeplessness, the first and foremost thing is to stay occupied and busy throughout the day. Not merely physically, but also you should be occupied mentally with healthy activities such as practicing any of your favorite hobbies, namely painting, reading, art, and craft, where the mind is at complete ease and full of creative thoughts. Hence, by the end of the day, you are mentally tired and carrying good thoughts.

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