How to Pick an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. It signals the start of a life where a man and woman commit to staying together till they die. The engagement ring is a physical symbol for this.

Choosing an engagement ring Denver can be confusing, especially if this is your first visit to the jewelers’. For many, it is like shooting arrows in the dark, as you do not know anything about jewelry. It’s also a good idea to choose lab grown diamonds for your engagement ring.

In this post, we’ll see how you can choose the right engagement ring from a jewelry store in Denver. 

Determine her ring size

No man would like to be in a situation where his engagement ring does not fit his fiancé‘s finger. If you want to keep your engagement ring purchase a secret, you will need to be sneaky. The best way to get her ring size is to wrap a piece of string around her index finger while she’s sleeping. If this is not possible, ask her friends to measure it for you without spilling the beans.

Choose the ring setting style

Next, you will need to choose the ring setting (design). This is basically the design in which the diamond is mounted on the ring. You have to choose one that matches your to-be-fiance’s preferences and personality. If you want to make your proposal worthwhile, you can start with a simple setting using a diamond of your choice. 

You can gift her the engagement ring and ask her to choose a design that she likes. This way, you get her to say ‘yes’ while also putting her in the driver’s seat when you choose a ring setting that she would like.

Choose the ring’s metal

You can choose the ring’s metal according to your budget. The metal chosen can enhance the look of your engagement ring. 

There are three metals you can choose from-

Platinum- Also known as ‘White Gold’, platinum is almost 30 times rarer than gold. If you choose one, it is up to 95% pure and is safe for daily use.

14k Gold- The most precious and sought-after metal for jewelry, 14k gold is about 60% gold and the rest are alloys. Due to this, it is durable and widely used in jewelry.

18k Gold- Pure 24k Gold is too soft for jewelry use. Those who prefer the best can always go for 18k Gold. This is 75% Gold and 25% of other alloys.


Choose your diamond

What most people usually do not know is that the ring setting and diamonds are sold separately by most jewelers. As this is a big investment, you will need to do some prior homework before you choose a diamond for the setting. This includes knowing about each diamond’s 4C characteristics.

Cut- At first glance, what attracts us to the diamond is its shape and sparkle. 

Both of these characteristics depend on the skill of the diamond’s cut. The better the cut, the higher the price. Diamonds shapes include round, marquise, heart-shaped, oval, and others.

Color- Each diamond is graded between D and Z when it comes to its natural color. ‘D’ stands for colorless while ‘Z’ stands for those diamonds that have a light yellow color. The lesser color in the diamond, the more expensive it can get.

Clarity- This refers to the number of blemishes and imperfections in each diamond. These can be small imperfections that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Each natural diamond has some of the other imperfections. The clarity diamond grading has to be done by an expert diamond grader.

Carat weight- Each diamond is weighed in carats, where each carat is equal to 0.20 grams. For easy calculation, each carat is divided into 100 ‘points’, so a 0.50 carat (ct) diamond equals 50 points.

Ethically-sourced diamonds

Diamonds are mined across the world. In most of places, it is done with the help of professional miners and machines. In Africa, however, there exists the problem of ‘blood diamonds’. Across sub-Saharan Africa, diamonds are mined illegally by armed gangs with the help of child and bonded labor. To end this practice, diamonds from across the world come with a certificate confirming that the diamonds are ethically sourced. Though most of the diamonds are ethically sourced, it makes sense to ask for a certificate of the same when buying diamonds for your engagement ring.

Wrapping Up

You should not act in haste when choosing an engagement ring for your loved one. After all, this is a big investment, one that will last a lifetime. Besides doing your own research, choose a jeweler that will help you in the process, just like Denver jewelers did for my friends. Getting a Denver Diamond engagement ring was never challenging for them considering the unbiased help they got from Denver Diamond Source. Lab diamonds are known to be ethical so going for it is a wise choice.

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