WhatsApp has a special feature for Samsung users who need to Transfer Data from their iPhones

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging app, not only in India but also throughout the world. Moreover, why it is so popular is directly related to its convenience, and extraordinary features. Right since its inception, it kept evolving because users’ satisfaction is very important for them. Now again WhatsApp has come with a feature that users will likely find very attractive.

WhatsApp was initially launched for android devices, but later on, it included iOS into its scheme of things, and kept improving innovative features for them. The transfer of data from one system to another has always been a problem, and a cause of anxiety for users. While transferring your data from your old system to the new, you should ensure that nothing is lost while you are transferring data from one system to another. What is the point of such an exercise if you lose your data in the process because of any reason?

Maintaining its earlier record, WhatsApp is soon coming up with an innovative feature for Samsung phones of the Galaxy series. Last month, Samsung announced the chat migration feature for its Galaxy devices. However, at that time, the feature was launched by Samsung only for its foldable devices, but now it is available for the rest of the company’s devices as well. We essentially think of WhatsApp as a medium for android phones, but that is not true.

What are the most common problems in Data Transfer?

The most common problems users face during migration of data is lack of an efficient plan and your inability to prepare yourself even if you have a plan in place. However, you will likely lose some data during the transfer. If that particular data is junk, then there are least consequences. The problem occurs when the data in question is vital. Moreover, if that happens, it will most probably affect your functioning when you actually require that data. That is the last thing you want.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the backup of your data because if for any reason you lose your data, you can always fall back on the backup. You must understand how crucial your data is for your functioning. In today’s time, data is everything, and you need to be doubly sure that whatever data you are transferring is reaching the target device. To make that happen, you need a very effective mechanism.

Although shifting your data from one system to another should be a cakewalk, but in reality, the process is not as simple as it may appear. Usually, you can easily lift and shift your files but poor optimization may create problems. Sometimes changes in the operating system make some files difficult to access, as they become no more readable. In a few cases, the transition to the target device is not smooth, and that affects some key functions.

The target device must consider the requirements of data – things such as their capability to handle the new data, and its various applications. The conventional approach of first transferring the data and then considering the problem is just not going to work. On the one hand, overestimating capacity required for data can result in waste; while on the other hand, thinking that everything will transfer on one to one basis is also not a practical approach.

What can you transfer?

To use this exciting feature from WhatsApp, those who have Samsung Galaxy phones of the latest series can easily migrate their details such as photographs, videos, audio clips, and their personal chat from iPhone to their Samsung Galaxy devices. Although the only exception is call log which cannot be transferred. This feature of WhatsApp is available on its latest version. To access this feature, a user will need an Android 10 or above version on his Samsung handset. .

Feature is available on the latest series of Samsung

According to a tech article published in Connect app, to use this feature, the user’s phone should have a WhatsApp iOS or above version besides the latest version of Android. At the same time, users need to keep their old numbers in the iPhones from which they need to transfer data. However, they can keep their new number on the Samsung phone. In case you do not have another number, you should reset your Samsung handset to initiate the chat transfer.

Requires USB Type-C Lightning Cable

USB Type-C to lightning cable plays a very important role in the whole process. To avoid data from getting stored at cloud storage during migration, it is advisable to choose transfer through cable. Another advantage of this method is that WhatsApp will be unaware of the fact that you have transferred data.

How do you transfer chat from iPhone to Samsung phone?

Coming to how to transfer your chat from iPhone to Samsung phone, you must take the following steps:

  • First of all switch on your Samsung phone and when it starts getting notification, connect it to your old iPhone by using USB Type-C to lightning cable.
  • Now visit Samsung’s Smart Switch app and follow the steps.
  • When you receive a notification, scan the QR code on the new Samsung phone through the iPhone’s camera.
  • Now tap on the Start option on the iPhone and wait for the process to complete.
  • Continue to complete the setup with the new Samsung phone.
  • Now visit the home screen, open WhatsApp and login with the same number that you earlier used with your iPhone.
  • When the notification appears, tap on Import and let the process complete.
  • Complete the entire process by activating the new phone. Once you are through with this step, you can see your chats.

The most interesting thing about the whole process is that your entire data will still be available in your iPhone till you delete it.

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