Urinary Tract Infection in Babies

Because of lack of hygiene or by accident, bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra of babies. The urethra is the duct by which urine is conveyed out of the body by the bladder. The bacteria then get into the urine of babies. From urine, the bacteria then grow into the bladder of babies. And by this way, urinary tract infection in babies happens. Urinary tract infection is a common infection. It is called UTI in abbreviated form as a medical term.

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in Babies

Symptoms of urinary tract infection in babies are in most cases similar to the symptoms of many other health issues. However, a baby infected with a urinary tract infection may show symptoms like having an unexplained fever, being irritable, crying a lot, going off. However, his or her feeds, vomiting, being unusually drowsy, having poor weight gain, and having bloody nappy etcetera.

When to See a Doctor for Urinary Infection in Babies

If a baby has a high and unexplained fever with the other symptoms of urinary tract infection, parents must be takeen. In their baby to a hospital emergency department. Infections should be treated seriously, or otherwise, they increase to various other places if unnecessary delays are made to take proper treatment.

Tests for Urinary Tract Infection

Pediatricians do not diagnose urinary tract infection in babies, only seeing or listening to the parents about symptoms. They need to see the results of urine tests of the babies to detect urinary tract infections. If the doctor becomes sure to see the result. The urine test of a baby that he is she is infected with urinary tract infection, the doctor may suggest an ultrasound test to see if there is any problem in the urinary tract of the baby.

If the baby is a baby boy of fewer than three months of age, his parents are more likely to get the advice of getting this ultrasound test of their male child. On the basis of the report of this further test, the baby may be referred to a doctor specialized in kidney diseases like a renal physician or urologist.


For the treatment of urinary tract infection, less than three months of age must be hospitalized immediately. However, they will need antibiotics directly into their veins through the dips. The treatment for urinary tract infection over three months can be done at home by feeding them antibiotics in their mouths. After finishing the treatment of urinary tract infections in babies, the doctors usually check the reports. Another urine test of the babies to become sure whether their infections have been completely cleared up or not.

And if the doctors see that there are further concerns about the urinary tract infection. The babies whom they provided treatment. In these cases, doctors may then refer to the other specialists for further treatment or advice so that the babies can get their treatment properly completed. Proper treatment is the only way out of urinary tract infection, as tract infection in babies cannot be prevented.

Final Words:

About four percent of the baby suffers from urinary tract infection during the first twelve months of age. But urinary tract infection in babies is more common among baby boys than in baby girls. Babies having abnormalities in the structure of their kidneys or of their urinary tract are more at threat. It is being affected with urinary tract infection, although getting a urinary tract infection. It does not mean that the baby has abnormalities in his or her kidneys or urinary tract. If you get into parenthood through surrogacy and having these issues you might contract to the gestacion subrogada agencias for help.

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