Formula 1 Drawing doesn’t have to hard Read those steps

Formula 1 Drawing

In this tutorial, we will teach you Formula 1 Drawing. A true icon of the championships, it has established itself as one of the very best teams for several years. Its racing cars can go up to 360 km / h straight and are real rockets on the road. Today we will teach you how to make it step by step.

What you are going to need to draw your car:

  • A4 paper sheet
  • Pencil (colored pencils, markers, brushes)
  • Rubber
  • Rule
  • Compass

Draw a Formula 1 easily step by step.

Note that formula one that we are going to draw does not have a halo. The FIA made this system compulsory ​​on all racing cars in 2018 and saved the lives of several racing drivers, including Romain Grosjean, very recently at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Learn how to draw spiderman from our website

Draw the base of the F1 car

In this first step, we will draw the structure of the racing car. Take your ruler to draw this rectangle representing the body of the F1. You can use your compass for the wheels to have perfect circles.

Draw the right-wing of the vehicle

Here, we will focus on the right-wing of Formula 1 and add the perspective of the tires. Do not hesitate to use your ruler to have straight lines. Follow the blue lines, which represent what you need to draw with each new step.  

Draw the front spoiler 

You probably know this, but the front spoiler is one of the most important components of Formula 1. Also called the muzzle, it keeps the car flat on the ground both upfront and down. At the rear, and allows a perfect diffusion of the air on the car and the hood. Pay attention to the small details on the right front wheel. The better the perspective, the better your drawing will be. You can also make circles or oval shapes for the wheels.

Draw the airbox

A very important element for Formula 1 is the airbox. It forces the air to pass through this big tube and brings it out behind for perfect aerodynamics to keep the car on the ground on the racetrack. Also, draw the left mirror and the driver’s cabin, which are still essential.

Draw the rear spoiler

Most sports cars are equipped with a rear spoiler to improve aerodynamics and keep the car on the ground. Formula 1’s have much bigger fins than sports cars because they spin at higher speeds and aren’t made the same.  

Draw the passenger compartment, muzzle, and right mirror

We now have the structure of our car. The next steps are more like small details to make Formula 1 even more realistic than ever. Here, we will draw the driver’s cockpit, the retro right in particular, and the muzzle that allows to hold the front wing and offer maximum road bearing to Formula 1. Acuteblog

Draw the rear diffuser 

The role of the rear diffuser is to evacuate the air which is located under the car. It can turn out to be a real ordeal to settle for the technicians of the stables. In this step, we will also draw a very small part of the engine.

Draw the rims

Here draw the rims and the details of the wheel’s spokes—nothing very complicated during this step. 

Draw the sponsor logos on the car

Be very careful during this step; you will have to draw the details of the fin by drawing the gills and the side fins. Then remove the sponsors on the car. However, Formula 1 is one of the most sponsored sports. Some companies pay tens of millions of dollars to display their logo on a vehicle during auto races. At the front, draw the details of the aileron by sketching the spoiler deflectors. These are the small vertical fins on the side. 

Erase unnecessary lines and add color to your drawing

Your masterpiece is almost finished! All you have to do is erase the first guidelines and add color to your car. Of course, you can put the colors you want and color your prototype as you see fit. You can use paint or markers. During this step, you are completely free. Let your imagination speak.

If you liked this little drawing tutorial on Formula 1, do not hesitate to look at our blog. Although You can find many other drawing tutorials such as police cars, trucks, or even motorcycles. We are all passionate about motorsport and racing cars so learn how to draw your favorite models. However, Who knows, someday, you will drive a racing vehicle in car competitions and land the podium after pulling it off, a pole position in the final seconds.


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