Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Warehouse Automation Consultants

Automation is becoming the new normal in this tech-oriented world. As a result, every business is racing to acquire the latest technology empowered by innovative artificial intelligence algorithms to automate business operations. 

When it comes to warehouses, experts estimate that the global warehouse automation market will evolve at the compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 10.41% and will reach the figure of €24.8 billion by the year 2026.

With all the critical business operations imparted on a single automated warehouse management system, you cannot take any risks when choosing warehouse automation software. Therefore, experts suggest hiring warehouse automation consultants. He makes all the challenging work easier by finding appropriate software, narrowing down sections, presenting management for making final decisions, and more. On the other hand, a poor WMS consultant coats you money by making incorrect decisions and assumptions. Also, a poor WMS consultant does not understand all the aspects of the business. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages businesses face while hiring a warehouse automation advisor. The following list of pros and cons will help companies and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make a well-informed and sound decision for optimization WMS adoption and implementation. It is exceptionally crucial for SMEs because they tend to play pretty close to the chest due to resource constraints and budgets. 

So without further ado, let’s glid into the advantages and disadvantages of hiring warehouse automation consultants. 


Following are the benefits of hiring warehouse automation consultants. 

Appropriate Guidance 

The person who guides during the success journey of the businesses is highly crucial because significant aspects of the company depend on them. A warehouse automation expert with substantive and appropriate guidance helps avoid running from pillar to post searching for the perfect warehouse management system automation. He is the one who helps in distinguishing what features, modules, and functionalities are crucial and which are not. 

Enhance Adoption Rate 

Company-wide acquisition excels the wish list of every warehouse management system implementation. However, that is when a WMS consultant comes into the picture as a distinct counter. Automated warehouse consultants help in optimum user adoption since warehouse automated consultants perform a comprehensive assessment of all your business requirements, preferences, and priorities. Hence WMS consultant plays a pivotal role in boosting adoption rate. 

Prolific Training 

This point is the most crucial one. Warehouse automation consultants are responsible for providing sound and extensive training to your staff to excel at using the automated warehouse management system—prolific training of staff results in a seamless transition to the newly implemented systems across the business. 

Unmatched Expertise 

Warehouse automation experts enhance extensive proficiency in helping businesses to implement automated warehouse management systems successfully.  In addition, history depicts that optimum execution of the warehouse management system has led to a surefire return on investment (ROI). A reliable and expert WMS consultant can evaluate business needs in a matter of seconds and suggests a tailor-made warehouse management system that fits business priorities, preferences and fulfills all its crucial requirements. 

Priceless Hand Holding 

Last but certainly not least. A hefty amount of warehouse automation specialists offer outstanding hand-holding and support services in this modern age to ensure smooth business operations. So, businesses don’t have to worry if they are stuck amidst some complex yet crucial functions in the industry since their WMS consultant is just one call away.


As every coin has two sides, the following are the disadvantages of hiring warehouse automation consultants.  

Substandard Communication

Communication gap results in poor planning, and poor planning causes vague performance standards. It also causes status differences between a sender and a receiver. All in all, substandard communication leaves an adverse impact on business operations and reputation. Communication gaps usually tend to encounter while dealing with WMS consultants. The point to ponder is the WMS consultant with poor or substandard communication is of little to no use. Crucial business clients might have to face disasters because of a WMS consultant with poor communication skills.   

Evangelist of Losers 

Several warehouse automation pundits tend to depict their penchant towards a specific vendor, product, or brand. As a result, a WMS consultant might misguide you to a solution that does not fulfill your crucial requirements and does not fit with your priorities in this race. That misguidance results in business disruption and exploitation. 

Click Baits 

Yes, you read it right. But, unfortunately, several novice WMS consultants are operating out there and taking businesses for a ride. Therefore, finding a reliable, robust, and trustworthy WMS consultant is not as easy as it seems to be. Companies need to perform thorough research, deep analysis, and careful references to find a WMS consultant who is an expert in his skills.  

Soaring Costs 

One of the most significant adverse aspects of hiring an ERP consultant is the soaring cost of hiring one. Good things are usually expensive, and this is no exception with WMS consultants. Hence, businesses have to thrive by leaps and bounds, and they have to spend an astonishing amount of money on a WMS consultant that will help them get through WMS implementation. 


Whether you want to hire a WMS consultant majorly depends on the business team and budget. Although hiring warehouse automation consultants is costly, we cannot neglect its significance in successfully implementing automated warehouse management systems. WMS automation of any size, shape, and stage of complexity requires a push of some reliable consultants. Warehouses can save themselves from a bigger disaster if they choose a WMS consultant through research and deep analysis. Furthermore, the reputation of the business depends on the WMS consultant. All the pros, as mentioned above, and cons eradicate all the qualms and doubts associated with hiring a trustworthy warehouse automation specialist. Hence companies must take the advantages as discussed above and disadvantages into account while making a choice. 

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