5 Ways To Build Trust With Cybersecurity Explainer Videos

The cybersecurity industry is constantly growing. Although there are new ways discovered to attack systems, more ways are also there to fight these attacks. 

With the constant evolution of this industry, it can be difficult for business owners to keep up with what’s going on at all times. This can also make it hard for a company to stay ahead of its competition.

One way companies can deal with tight competition and win an audience is by investing in cybersecurity explainer videos. These are forms of short videos that provide information about a product or service and its functionality in an engaging way. 

With explainer videos, you can offer excellent service and make your brand stand out in the crowd. You’re also able to attract new audiences to only pay attention to your cybersecurity business. 

The Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for the Cybersecurity Industry

There are many benefits you can get from using explainer videos. Since this type of video content is designed to promote a business in a meaningful way, most companies have considered using them to elevate their sales performance. 

Not only that, explainer videos make an excellent marketing tool to build brand trust from scratch. The audience will trust a company more if they put effort in creating corporate introduction videos as they are often regarded as expensive.

Other benefits you can receive when using explainer video for your business are:

  • Improve SEO rank on Google’s search engine
  • Reach out to a broader audience in multiple social networks
  • Drive website traffic
  • Pull more engagement 
  • Boost your sales conversion rates

Therefore, it’s no wonder why many industries from various sectors, including cybersecurity, blockchain, e-learning, and more, tend to use this video marketing strategy to help their business grow. 

How To Gain Customer Trust with Explainer Videos

1. Tell your brand story 

To gain customer trust, you’ll need a good story. Create an introduction video that explains the history of your company and how it developed into what it is today. 

Your viewers will be able to follow your business journey from the start-up stage all the way through its growth, as well as understand why they should turn to you for their cybersecurity needs.

Additionally, if you’re a start-up company, creating an introduction video will help introduce your business to the world. That way, you can share a meaningful story with your potential audience and build a strong community from the ground. 

2. Highlight your business expertise

With explainer videos, you can also highlight your business expertise and show off the research that’s been done on your company. This is especially important for start-ups who want to attract investors or those looking for a cybersecurity partner with specific qualifications. 

By showcasing expertise, credentials, and other visual elements through animations and graphics, you will let viewers know what sets your company apart from others in the industry—for example, having access to top security experts worldwide or offering quick responses to clients. That way, your target audience will be eager to learn more about your services quickly.

3. Capture behind-the-scenes of your business

When you run a cybersecurity company, showing the behind-the-scenes of your business can offer an inside look at what makes your company different from others.

If your audience knows the real deal behind the door, they can trust your company more. For example, if you have a team of experts working on behind-the-scenes videos, showing what they do on a day-to-day basis can show that your company is more personal and trustworthy.

Once again, it will depend on how much information you want to give out about your business. But in general, an inside look at your cybersecurity company can be helpful for marketing purposes because it builds trust with potential customers or clients who are examining your services.

4. Share intriguing testimonials

Having client testimonials in your explainer videos is a great way to build credibility by showing that others have had good experiences with your services. 

Since people are more likely to share positive feedback than negative feedback on social media, an exciting testimonial video about your cybersecurity company will help you spread the word about how happy clients are using your services. 

Therefore, posting information like this can increase trust while building excitement about these types of services in the industry.

5. Make a great introduction video

Many business owners rely on video content to make a trustworthy introduction video. So, producing explainer videos is definitely a great move for your business. 

With a compelling introduction video, you can let potential clients know what you do. 


Although you can introduce your cybersecurity business in many different ways, explainer videos can give the audience a good hook, be informative, and grab attention right off the bat if possible.

This format of video will also serve as an excellent marketing tool. When people watch your videos on social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, or Facebook, they may share them with friends who may need these services themselves. 


Explainer videos are a great branding tool for your cybersecurity business. They can attract customers by showcasing the benefits of your services and how convenient it is to work with your brand. The best thing about explainer videos is that you’ll create a connection with potential clients from the start, making them more likely to work together with you.

Overall, explainer videos are one of the most powerful marketing strategies today. Your cybersecurity business could benefit from this video content format as it brings you more advantages in gaining customer trust and elevating sales performance.

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