Do Movies Influence Cosmetic Surgery? How Plastic Surgery Trends Have Changed

There’s no question that the recent Barbie movie has triggered a new interest in the All-American doll look, which of course is conjured up by toy marketing and given its own camera facelift by Hollywood, but consumers have perked up with interest. Dr. Joel Aronowitz believes some of the chatter is definitely media-driven for the sake of rating and will die down as soon as the next pop culture story starts making the circuits. However, many Gen Zers are looking at themselves in the mirror and wondering if, with the ability to do so, a bit of modification might not help appearances the way it does for the fictional toy blonde.

It’s All About the Look

Interestingly enough, those being influenced by movies aren’t huge fans of the stories themselves. Many plastic surgeons are finding that interesting prospective patients are simply using the look of the latest actor or actress as a blueprint for what they want, similar to a hairstyle magazine in a salon. Then comes the reality; when the patient actually works with a surgeon and sees the practical aspects of what is possible and what it will take, a bit of cold-water thinking kicks in. Not surprisingly, some have second thoughts a let go of the “movie look” they were first interested. Others, reconfirm their interest and “double down.”

Nose Jobs Matter

Rhinoplasty has a strong relationship to influence by movies. After all, the actor’s face is what people see the most on the big screen. So, it only stands to reason that the nose would attract the most attention and comparisons with what is possible. Ear modifications tend to be a close second but not near as much in demand as the front facial features. Add in the fact that, market-wise, a rhinoplasty procedure is far less in cost than some other plastic surgery options, and it tends to be within reach of more consumers. The results are an immediate, noticeable look change for patients that they and others see right away.

Social Media Matters More Now

However, despite the long-standing impact movies have had, social media seems to be gaining fast traction on the influence of considering cosmetic surgery. Given the wide access of most tools like Instagram and TikTok, consumers and particularly young ones are seeing more options possible, driving their consideration to pursue changes earlier in life. The widespread digital opinion mass exerts a powerful pressure influence as well.

High-Quality Results Still Depend on the Practitioner

However, as Joel Aronowitz MD notes, the practice makes all the difference. For patients who want to see the best results possible, they need to be willing to do their homework and find the best practitioners. This is not an area to be seeking out discounts. Unfortunately, patients who cut corners for bargain procedures end up paying dearly with botched work and results they have to then live with going forward. Again, quality results come from quality service.

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