Jeulia- 5 gifts that make a woman happier

Why are women….so much more interesting to men than men are to women? Virginia Woolf

Women are complex creatures. While we struggle to find what we want in our lives, what women want is another question altogether. For centuries, men have tried to find answers to this question. “Happiness” is a vague term which means different things for different people. For women, it once meant having a career. Then having freedom to choose who to marry. Then it was the choice of whether to have kids or not. Now that the women of this generation have all these things, it is the more intricate things that would have an effect on them. The women of today are capable individuals who don’t look to rely on anybody. Making them happy without seeming like you are hurting their self esteem is the real task. Telling them how special they are doesn’t have to be saved for only days like women’s day. How you treat her on ordinary days is what counts. Use Jeulia coupons to get simple jewelry for those ordinary days.

Every woman is unique, so generalising for a whole gender might never work. But we can help you find a few things that are much more likely to make the special women in your life happier. Check out the wide range of women’s jewelry at Jeulia deals.

Here are 5 things that make women happier.

  • Jewelry 

It has been said forever. The world knows it. Women love jewelry. 

It is a social status symbol. It adds to their personal identity. Makes them feel beautiful and confident. If representing oneself through fashion is an art, jewelry is undisputedly the best tool for it. Also, jewelry is a financial investment that indirectly makes them independent. So many women rely on their jewelry as an emergency stock of money. It has been a tradition of gifting women jewelry post marriage to stablize her economically. Visit Jeulia shopping to have a look at the various jewelry gifting options.

There is no right way of giving gifts, it all depends on what bond you share with that woman. Nonetheless, jewelry remains a classic gift option for women of all ages. Another thing that makes women even happier is a discount. Use Jeulia discount codes to shop for your favourite jewelry.

  • Vacations

Who doesn’t love a vacay? In the case of women, it is even more needed. With such high expectations of balancing home and work together, most working women are drained out in today’s age. Even if they are homemakers, they are often underappreciated and overworked. Breaking monotonous routines and going on a solo trip will certainly make women happier. You can plan a solo vacation for her and surprise her by gifting her the tickets. Or you can plan a family trip to her favourite destination. Is there a cousin or a sister-in-law she really wanted to meet but couldn’t take out the time? You can be the saviour, making sure she gets enough time with the people she loves and winning her heart in return. Check out Jeulia sale to get the perfect vacation gift for her.

  • Gift coupons

The best way to give a gift without forcing your choice on someone is to give them gift coupons. This way, they get to choose what they want and still receive it as a gift from you. Most gift cards are even redeemable to cash, in case the person does not want a gift but is in need of money. It saves you the esenyurt escort time and effort of finding the “right” gift for her. Now-a-days, we can never be sure of the likes and dislikes of a person, specially women. We have a variety of choices and this sometimes leads to choice paralysis. Also there is so much anxiety surrounding a gift you choose for her. Whether she will like it or not?  Is she pretending to like it when she actually does not? What did she say was her favourite colour- pink or purple? All this fuss makes gift cards the best solution for all your gifting needs. Use Jeulia coupons to buy jewelry gift cards for you special “her”.

  • Your Time

The most precious gift that anybody can receive is a person’s time. On this earth, a little time is all we truly have. Carve out some time in your schedule for your special women. Be it a mother, sister or wife, every women appreciates and craves for time spent with loved ones. Plan a dinner date with her at her favourite restaurant. Gift her small ornaments from Jeulia offers. Plan a getaway for the both of you. Or take her to a place that is close to her heart and reminds her of a cherished memory. If you want to keep it simple, just spend a few hours together at your terrace after dinner. Talk about the things fındıkzade escort that matter. Ask her how she feels. All this will be enough to keep her smiling for the next few days.

  • Sensitive men!

At the end, you can spend all the money you want on a precious gift. But there’s nothing as attractive as a sensitive man for women. A man who respects their opinions, understands them and acknowledges them. Just like all people, women want their voices heard. They want to be seen. Be observant. Take notice of small things that often remain unsaid. Women usually don;t talk about what is bothering them. They expect you to understand. This is however an unrealistic demand, but being a little careful and attentive goes a long way. Women are great observers. They notice small details about men. Make sure you are there for them when they need you. 

Listen to them when they talk. Ask them how they feel. Take responsibility for your actions. Apologize when you are wrong. Validate how they feel instead of neglecting them. We often get lost in the world of beautiful gifts and things while ignoring the most basic things that don’t need money and can make your woman happy in seconds. And that’s you. Only you can do that.

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