How to Reset Drum On Brother Printer [Explained]

Is your printer having any issues with printing? In this blog, we will help you resolve your issue by explaining to you how to reset drum on Brother printer

This blog will discuss how to reset the drum on a Brother printer. It is a common issue with Brother laser printer users’ faces. Replacement of the drum is needed because of the normal wear and tear of the printer. If you ever get this Drum replacement message, don’t panic. It has got a very easy solution; in this blog, we will explain to you how to reset the drum on Brother printer manually. So let us start with the blog.    Visit at-

What Is A Drum On A Printer Cartridge?

The drum puts a toner on the paper. Inside the drum unit, you will see a drum roller which is also known as a Photoreceptor drum. The drum roller is basically charged with static electricity, which uses pressure and heat to combine the toner with the paper. A drum unit is an essential part of the machine, which is necessary for the functionality of a printer. So, when it goes wrong, your printer won’t be able to print kadıköy escort anything.

After you have replaced your toner cartridges 3 to 4 times, your drum unit will require a replacement. This is a part of the normal wear and tear for a laser printer, and mostly all Brother printers have got the drum attached to the toner cartridges.    Visit at- Setup brother com

Why Do You See the “Replace Drum” Error Message?

You may see this message because your Brother printer cannot select the new Drum cartridge you have installed. The drum cartridge counter is usually recorded with a manual tracker within the drum unit; hence if you observe that your Brother printer is failing to be detected. In that case, your drum counter will require manual operations and won’t automatically reset.

How To Reset Drum On Brother Printer [Manually]

If you have recently replaced the drum of your laser printer, and still you’re getting a pop message asking you to reset your drum. Don’t worry; there is nothing wrong with your Brother printer. Brother printers use the page counters for estimating drum replacement and its wear/ tear. When you have replaced the drum, you need to reset the drum manually. So, to reset your drums on the printer cartridge, follow the following steps:

Steps To Reset Drum On Brother’s HL Printer Models

  1. First of all, power on your Brother printer and then replace the drum on the cartridge. Make sure to keep the front door open.
  2. After that, press and hold the Go button for at least 3-4 seconds until your LEDs lighten up.
  3. Release pressing the Go button and closing the front door.
  4. If your drum light goes off, that means that your drum unit has been reset.    Visit at- support

Steps To Reset Drum On Brother’s DCP + HL-2280DW Printer Models 

  1. First, turn off your Brother printer and replace the drum. Ensure that you keep the printer’s front door open.
  2. After that, press the Clear button and then 1.
  3. When your printer screen says Accepted, then close the front door.
  4. Finally, your drum unit has been reset.

Buying Guide For Brother Printer Drum Unit

It is completely a normal thing to get your drum unit replaced if you own a laser printer. As we have discussed in the above sections, how to do a manual reset, you won’t be panicked with a Drum Replacement message. Before replacing your printer drums, remember to check Brother’s official website for affordable options. Always make sure that your       Visit at-

Final Words

This blog explains how to reset the drum on Brother printers for DCP and HL models. We hope you have got the answer to all your queries; if you want blogs like this, stay connected to our blog page.

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