Tips For Photographing Custom Jewelry Packaging

There are times when jewelry brands and companies might be required to upload the images of the custom jewelry packaging, they are using for their jewelry items. Most brands want their customers to know about the custom jewelry boxes that are available for them. It helps build the interest of the customers in the products. Customers are often looking for options in gifts that are convenient. The use of the custom jewelry boxes crafted from cardboard stocks makes every box look like a custom gift box. Most companies post images of their signature custom jewelry packaging USA on their websites. It allows a chance for their customers to select the packaging according to their preferences.  The custom boxes for jewelry come in all shapes and sizes. Most times, they look as exquisite as the jewelry items that are placed inside these boxes.

Photoshoot of Jewelry Packaging

When Minerva called Julie for a proper photoshoot of custom jewelry packaging boxes, Julie gave her, many tips for capturing better images herself. According to Julie, the best time to capture images of customized jewelry packaging was either in the early hours of the morning or after the sun has set. Around this time, the lightning is strong, but not harsh. According to Julie, photography was the art of experimenting with light successfully.

Get Custom Retail Packaging in Custom Design

She selected a room with a large window from where sunlight entered the room and placed customized jewelry packaging such that sunlight fell directly on it. But this was not enough. She even used artificial lights to capture every detail of the custom jewelry boxes. For each custom jewelry packaging, she captured fifteen to twenty shots from different angles. Julie was good at her maslak escort skill.


The custom jewelry boxes for businesses come in versatile shapes and sizes. They are created from different types of stocks. Minerva had ordered the custom rigid boxes for her products about a week ago. This custom rigid packaging was printed in turquoise green with resin-effect. These boxes looked like glinting gems in the additional light that Julie used on them during the photography session. It was because of the lamination and UV options used on these custom rigid boxes. Julie informed Minerva that a lot of companies were getting professional product photography done. It helped in bringing out the best in their products and gave a boost to sales. Julie was very careful when it came to using props and lighting tools. She did not want any shadow overcast on the custom rigid packaging, so she used a tripod stand.

Customizations and Add Ons

As we took a tea break during the shoot, she shared the images she had captured with the team, which looked very promising. The customized jewelry packaging was shot against a white background by Julie. There was a reason for using a white backdrop as a background. It would allow the graphic designers to add creative themes and texts to compose powerful visual content conveniently. The white backdrop allows easy customization to add different images and effects to these customized jewelry packaging boxes images later on. Minerva and her team were pleased with Julie’s work at the end of the day and thanked her profusely for always being cooperative. Once post-shoot editing was complete, Minerva knew that it was time to upload these shots on her social media page.

The response she got was amazing. Her followers loved the images of the custom jewelry boxes. Her customers left encouraging messages for her in the message box and she even secured multiple orders for jewelry that day. Minerva’s hard work had paid off and it left her filled with gratitude and a sense of achievement. She knew that the launch of her jewelry had been made excitable with the introduction of customized packaging boxes that she had been sensible enough to order.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Purchaser request has as of late taken a move in the direction of supportable bundling arrangements — a pattern that brands have rushed to follow. With the right specialist co-op, you can make progress toward maintainability without forfeiting style.

Develop your bundling from naturally cognizant or reused materials, or trade portions of your standard bundling for eco-accommodating other options, including:

  • Recyclable paper sacks and handles, and nonwoven plastic materials
  • 100 percent biodegradable, compostable plastic and paper
    Plant-based choices
  • Launderable paper
  • Paper and plastic obtained from reused content
  • Stopper, economically obtained wood, or rPET
  • Fairtrade ensured cotton and BCI guaranteed cotton substrates
  • Water-based or elective ink, regular paste, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

A producer having some expertise in eco-accommodating, imaginative bundling will assist you with making the outcome you are searching for while decreasing your carbon impression. Pick a specialist co-op that sticks to economical assembling best practices to save assets in all phases of creation.

Retail Boxes | Get Retail Box Printing and Packaging Solution

At ClipnBox, our harmless to the ecosystem abilities offer more choices for supportable bundling arrangements. We source from areas utilizing inexhaustible power, executing waste-decrease rehearses, and collaborating with nearby makers to restrict fossil fuel byproducts. Furthermore, we have inventory network accomplices who are SA8000 Standard guaranteed by Social Accountability International (SAI) to guarantee no kid work and protected, solid work spaces.

Reusable and Gift-Ready Packaging

Pick gift-like, multi-reason bundling to get more eyes on your image. Make reusable fabric shopping sacks or drawstring packs, excellent gems pockets, solid marked boxes, and the sky is the limit from there. Utilize tough materials like nylon, cotton, polyester, vinyl, hemp, jute, PVC, burlap, nonwoven plastic materials, and all the more so customers can reuse your bundling for ordinary use.

Integrate current, marked plans and nitty gritty last little details that cause your buyer to feel like they are opening a present when they buy your items.

  • Incorporate rich housings or gift-prepared boxes to beautifully introduce your items.
  • Envelop your items by marked gems pockets that shoppers can use to store their adornments.
  • Add a zipper, attractive conclusion, or resealable conclusion to your sacks for expanded comfort.

Flighty Features

While your gems is the superstar, its bundling is many times the principal thing a customer sees. Move the envelope by going past conventional bundling techniques:

  • Catch your customer’s eye with charming examples, splendid varieties, and striking plans.
  • Add sumptuous energy with foil stepping, rotogravure printing, debossing, or embellishing.
  • Integrate bite the dust slice windows to exhibit your gems.
  • Utilize matte, silk, or reflexive stain to make an extraordinary surface.

Stand apart with various materials like wood, velvet, softened cowhide, glass, cotton, plug, or calfskin.
Attempt foundational layouts that join structure and capability. Plan a memento or reflected box for purchasers to reuse for capacity. Make a sack and box mix for expanded comfort and less waste. Give purchasers bundling that serves as a stand or show so they can feature their gems on their wardrobe.

While forward thinking highlights and procedures can build the expense of your bundling project, a beneficial speculation can isolate you from your opposition.

Marked Mailers

The rising pattern of eCommerce in the adornments business is making the commercial center considerably more aggressive. Your purchasers are expecting the conveyance of their internet based orders. Make their experience invigorating by enchanting them with appealing bundling.

Stand apart from the ocean of plain paper envelopes, kraft boxes, and tasteless poly mailers. Say something by marking or modifying your cases, envelopes, poly mailers, and other bundling arrangements with your organization tones, logo, and visual character. Utilize custom internal bundling to coordinate the bundle’s items. Consolidate spacers, froth embeds, dividers, printed tissue, and printed void fill. Isolated and wrap your things with on-brand reusable or dispensable packs.

Fun Finishing Touches

While your item’s bundling might be the fundamental concentration, integrating novel final details makes an important unpacking experience that can assist you with sticking out.

Keep your items conveniently wrapped with custom tissue seals that have your logo or organization name.
Add an individual touch with marked pamphlets, cards to say thanks, item leaflets, elite coupons, embellishing postcards, or supplements that highlight your organization’s story.

Utilize a custom receipt holder or gift voucher transporter to customize your bundling significantly more.
Incorporate unconditional gifts, for example, a marked sticker sheet.
Integrate everything with a basic, stylish lace.

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