Setting up a new iPhone from the old one


Owning a new iPhone is an exhilarating and fulfilling feeling. And once you have it, you can’t wait to get on it. But, you must hold your horses and wait till your new iPhone is fully set up. It is not a long process but still requires some time; if you know how to go about it, it will take even less. In this article, we will tell you how to set up your new iPhone using the old one and transfer everything from your old iPhone to the new one.

What does iPhone setup mean?

iPhone setup, in simple words, means enabling some of its features and basic settings. It may include choosing the language, location, security settings, choosing passcode, FACE ID, etc. It activates the phone and makes it functional so you can start using istanbul escort it.

If you already own an iPhone and transitioning to a newer model, you can use your previous iPhone to set up the new one. It involves a few steps and takes time depending on the volume of data you want to transfer from the old to the iPhone.

Things you need for setting up your new iPhone:

To set up your new iPhone, you must ensure that you have the following things available. It will help you with a smooth setup with minimal hiccups.

  • Your new and old iPhones are fully charged or connected to the power sockets.
  • Your SIM
  • Wi-Fi login and password
  • Details of your Apple accounts (login and password)
  • Setting up the new iPhone:

To start the process:

  • Put your SIM in your new iPhone and press the power button. Once the phone turns on, you will see the famous Apple logo and the “Hello” greetings in different languages.
  • Set up your Wi-Fi connection, FACE ID, passcode, Apple ID, and iCloud account.
  • Don’t forget to enable the Find My Phone and Location Services.

It will also ask you to set up the Siri account. The system would ask you to utter a few sentences so that Siri could recognize your voice.

It may sound like a lot of work, but it won’t take more than a few minutes. It is also not mandatory to finish all of it in one go and the first time you set up your iPhone. You can skip some steps at your convenience and finish them later. The “Settings” app on the iPhone is meant for this purpose.

Once you have finished this, the next step is transferring your contacts, data, and other content from your old one to the new iPhone. This process requires time, depending on how much data you want to transfer. But still, spare yourself some free time before you embark on it. And, make sure that your phones (new and old) are fully charged or connected to the power sockets.

Backing up your old iPhone:

We want to clarify that backing up your old iPhone’s data is not essential for this process. But it is a good idea to do so, lost things do not go as planned. You may have already backed up your previous phone’s data as an old-time Apple user. But, if you haven’t, you can do it now through this simple process.

For Mac users:

  • Connect your phone to the computer and go to the Finder app.
  • Click on the iPhone icon and see the Summary page.
  • There look for the Backups section.

You have the option to either use iCloud or This Computer for backup. Once you have selected, click “Back Up Now” and let the backup process begin.

For Windows users: The Windows users should open the iTunes app to back up the iPhone data.

You can also use the Settings app on your iPhone to back up the data on iCloud. The process is straightforward to follow. All you need is to follow the on-screen instructions, and you are good to go.

Using Quick Start to set up your new iPhone with the old one:

Quick Start is an app that Apple introduced a few years ago. The purpose of this app was to facilitate iPhone users moving from an old model to a new one. It makes transferring your data and setting up your new iPhone much easier. Let’s explain the procedure in a few simple steps;

  • Bring both your new and old Phones in close proximity.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your old Phone.
  • Run the Quick Start app on your old Phone and click Continue, where it invites you to set up a new Phone.
  • You will see an animated image on your new iPhone screen now. Scan this image by turning over the old Phone over to the new one.
  • After the successful scanning, the two Phones are now connected.
  • The transfer of contacts and other data will start soon. Wait for its completion and keep both phones next to each other.
  • You will be asked to write your old Phone’s passcode and your Apple ID on your new iPhone for verification and authentication.
  • The transfer process has begun; you can select whether you want data from the current iCloud backup or backup of your old phone and then continue with the transfer.
  • You can also set up Face or Touch ID on your new Phone.
  • By default, all your preferences regarding data storage and other related issues will remain the same as in your old Phone. You can change them now if you desire and let them remain as they are.

Using iCloud to set up your new iPhone from the old one:

We assume you have already backed up the data from your old iPhone to iCloud. Now, all you need to do is go to Apps & Data screen and click on Restore from iCloud backup. You will need to sign in with your Apple ID, and then transferring data from your old Phone from iCloud to your new Phone will begin. Wait for its completion and follow the steps as prompted on-screen.

Use iTunes to set up your new iPhone from the old one:

Again, we assume you have the data from your old iPhone backed up at iTunes, as we have explained above. Go to the Apps & Data screen and click on Restore from iTunes backup. Now attach your new iPhone to the computer and click on iTunes on your phone. Click on Restore Backup and let the process of backup begin. If you have set up a password before, you will have to put it in before the transfer begins.


That wraps up our topic on how to set up your new iPhone using the old one and how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. We hope it will help you whenever there is a need for such a procedure. It is not a difficult process, you need to be aware of certain steps, and that’s about it.

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