Match British Bulldog Rules

Match British Bulldog Rules

As always in games, the exact rules vary from one place to another, but with the same principle. The playground is created with the main garden, with two areas (houses) on each side. Home areas are the width of the playroom and are usually drawn with a bar or other features.

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British Bulldogs game has a string of tips

Each British Bulldogs game has a string of tips, and it is also usual to play several games, one behind the other with different Bulldogs separately time. The game begins with the same player as a “bulldog” or “seeker”. Who is placed between two house areas, and the other actors are placed in one area.

Bulldog selection

The first bulldog method is subject to variation. In one version, the bulldog stands in a circle with its legs wide apart, picks up a tennis ball thrown in the middle, and the bulldog goes under the legs. Sometimes players have to rush towards a set goal, and the last one to arrive is a bulldog. The first or last player captured in the previous game may become a bulldog for the next game in subsequent games.


 Each round is usually created by the Bulldogs, who often appoint the first player to run from one place to another. In some renditions, all non-bulldogs run at the exact time, while in others, the race is driven by a bulldog or set player. Once players are out of their home zone, the Bulldogs can try to “catch” them; Trapped players also turn into bulldogs. Then the ruse is repeated in the opposite direction until all the bulldogs are run.


The capture method varies according to regional businesses. But if a player exits before the end of the sentence or stays driving, he is not considered a trap. This type of game is sometimes referred to as “knocking down bulldog” or “knocking down bulldog”. Forcing them to stay on the ground, grabbing or injuring them, they can no longer move and let go (verbally or with gestures); sometimes, a non-bulldog’s finger requires a forced surrender.

enjoy playing this game

An easy option (which you must-do if you enjoy playing this game with children) is for the bulldogs to touch the head or back of the non-bulldog and shout the selected phrase. Another alternative is to place a scarf about the waist of each non-bulldog and then hold the bulldog (s) scarf to turn it into a bulldog.


Also understood as Bucka in the 19th century at King Edwards School in Birmingham. In this rendition, the home areas are at the end of the abbey. An adventurer must grab another player and say “one, two, three, catch, tobacco” to catch him.

a similar rendition

In a similar rendition called Baccarat, the race is made by one of the Bulldog (s) questioned to call the leader of the non-catch players “Baccara” or so. A search motor gave a model: ” (What does your father steam?), To which players answer “trumpet” (fast for “tobacco”), which starts the race.

Black Tom

In the Black Tom variant, in the earlier 20th century in America, Seeker unleashed a stampede of players by calling “Black Tom” three times. The explorer may try to deceive players by shouting a false signal such as “Black Tim” or “Red Tom”; All players trying to perform with such a password will be automatically captured and tied by Seeker.

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