8 Best Websites to List Your Rental Property

A lot of people now have smartphones, so it’s no surprise that young people aren’t using traditional marketing methods like real estate signs, online rental property services or newspaper ads anymore. Instead, they’re using online reviews and tools that are updated in real-time.

Rental Property

As clients continue to rely on their social media and other digital networks for every stage of the renting process, you may be seeking again for major online rental marketplaces and the top rental listing sites to display your home. This is where we come in.

The effectiveness of a listing is only as good as its capacity to generate interest in your property, so once you’ve selected one or more sites from the roundup below, receive some advice on how to write great rental ad language.

Professional-quality photographs or 360° virtual walkthroughs can help you draw more attention while also saving you time by screening out renters who have other plans for your property.

Listed below are some of the greatest rental property listing websites to use for your rental property search:

8 Best Places to Advertise Your Rental Property

You can post your rental property on various websites that are both inexpensive and simple to use on the internet. Not even all websites, on the other hand, are made equal. Having conducted our own research, we have established that the five websites listed below are most famous, profitable, and user-friendly available.

1. Apartments.com

With the #1 rental site, you can go from list to lease in minutes! Apartments.com has assisted in the signing of more than 40 million leases by bringing together landlords and satisfied tenants.
Every month, the Apartments.com network reaches more than 25 million renters worldwide. You’ll have access to a comprehensive set of rental tools, including online forms, leasing, payments, bills, and preventative maintenance services. Apartments.com has been the most popular platform for finding a place to rent.

2. Trulia

Applicants who are enrolled with Trulia and Zillow will have their contact information, as well as their income, available to you right away.

3. Hotpads

This service was the first to offer a map-based search, and it is particularly popular among corporate executives who are looking to migrate and it’s one of the popular sites like Airbnb & Vrbo.

4. Craigslist

It’s difficult to compete with an online marketplace that receives 50 billion page views each month; nonetheless, you should be cautious that scammers may use this site to publish bogus adverts, forcing renters to sift through the bogus listings in order to locate your listing.
Despite the fact that it has a purely functional look and the possibility of fraudulent listings, the traffic alone makes it a viable option.

5. Facebook

When you offer your item on Facebook’s Marketplace platform, you can include 360-degree pictures, and in some situations, your listing will also appear on Oodle. You also could engage with customers in your neighbourhood through Groups on Facebook or by posting from your own social media sites or other sites like airbnb.

6. Apartment List

Apartment List, which receives five million monthly visits and has 75 percent of its users on mobile devices, is the engine that drives the rental sector of realtor.com. A month-to-month lease is required, and you will be paid ($349) when a tenant signs the lease agreement.

7. Apartment Finder

An extensive redesign of this site, which now includes map-based search capabilities and an integrated customer interface, was completed recently.

8. Rentometer

For landlords, this is an excellent website that is simple to use. Landlords can use this information to figure out what the fair market rent for their properties should be. Despite the fact that it is not exactly a listing platform, it provides really useful information to assist you to design your listing.

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