How to Enhance CPG Sales with Elegant Custom Boxes?

What do you look for in your CPG boxes? Is it their appeal, quality, or their contribution to sales volumes? No matter what the ultimate aim is, custom boxes can extend a favorable packaging solution.

Sellers, globally, are looking for ways they can cut down on transport accidents and create reliable boxes. The CPG industry has a high inflow of customers. They all want their products to be functional. It makes it essential for brands to resonate with customer expectations. They all try to come up with advanced packaging solutions that effectively withstand several adversities and maintain the products inside.

How to keep the products safe?

Did you know that every year CPG brands incur millions of dollars in refunds and replacing damaged goods? It is a huge burden on costs and revenues.

Marketers strongly suggest using durable boxes to curb this issue that not only drains profits but also attaches negative customer feelings to the business.

But the real problem is how the boxes can become stronger and provide the ideal support to all kinds of CPG items?

The first part is to understand that ready-made boxes are a big no-no. They are made with pre-determined sizes and shapes and often fall short of providing varied functions; safety being the top of the list!

Materials and box structure

The foremost importance lies with the materials used for CPG boxes and their overall construct.

You possibly can’t have durable boxes without thinking about the quality of the stock paper. Corrugated paper and cardboard top the rank. They are not only readily available all year round but are flexible enough to be used for every kind of CPG item.

Be it electronics, cosmetics, cigarettes, food items, and more, the box sizes and densities can be altered to fit the product requirements. Moreover, certain items come in sensitive glass packaging that needs extra care.

Tick mark the following points to ensure that the box base fits the bill.

  1. Order box stock from certified vendors only.
  2. Ensure that the materials are cut properly with strong edges.
  3. Check and recheck the ordered box thicknesses.
  4. Reduce the need for extra box fillings by ordering thicker boxes.
  5. Double review the box measurements.

When you are sure about the box quality, only then you can proceed to the further steps. A weak box base cannot uplift the brand repute for delivering undamaged products.

Supporting box components

Have you ever looked at other possible options for improving your packaging’s performance? Not many sellers appreciate the addition of custom box accessories in making them convenient to handle and store.

Components like handles don’t only beautify the boxes. They are added to keep the boxes from facing accidents during transit. Heavier CPG products need extra care while being lifted and handles can make the task easier. Whether added on the sides or top, they improve the protective gear and prevent possible accidents.

Additionally, custom boxes lock also play an important role in preserving the products. Box shapes such as auto-bottom or top locks, sealed tape, or tangled gable box tops are effective ways to prevent the products from mutation and damage. Custom trays prevent the products from excessive shakes. Sleeves are also excessively used to provide an extra cover on top of the boxes.

Alternatively, you can also use custom tapes made with the brand logo to secure and market the products simultaneously.

Printing instructions

Who says that only Amazon has the power to influence logistics? Small and new businesses can also control their shipping variables.

The boxes have adequate space that can be used for conveying apt handling guidelines to the people involved in the supply chain. One sees such messages on boxes containing fragile products. The temperature requirements and heat exposures can also be listed to ensure that the end customers get the products in good form.

Label your boxes with clear and concise fonts. Don’t forget to add return addresses and always use a duplicate label inside your CPG boxes. QR codes are a modern way of tracking shipping and preventing theft.

Multiple printing options make reading fun and effective. On top of these, laminations and coatings help to preserve the printed text. These can be extended to the whole box to avoid interaction with water and scratch. Customers appreciate getting their products in original format and in neat boxes.

custom boxes

Some packaging tips on the go

Remember that when you package the products, the boxes should resonate with their weight. No amount of good quality material or handling care can prevent boxes from breaking off if the content is too heavy. Using flaps also helps to keep the locks intact and gives ample support to the products.

Certain expensive products are insured. This makes it easy to recover costs from unseen harm during shipping. These might add to costs but ultimately make up for the price by preventing losses. Anything costing above $500 can be insured and we recommend investing in it.

Moreover, putting your product parts together is a good idea to resolve customer confusion when trying to use the parts holistically. This also saves on using separate boxes and provides a tight grip too.

Another factor is the prevention of crime. Boxes are frequently stolen. QR codes help in this regard. You must also ensure that the shipping company takes the receiver’s signature and return any undelivered boxes.

What to watch out for?

On top of adding the above checklist to your security measures, certain mistakes must also be tackled beforehand. These comprise:

  • Use of complicated language. It is essential that stakeholders get what you are trying to convey. Pick simple graphics and texts that are apprehended by everyone.
  • One language for all. English might not be understood properly by multiple customer demographics. Ensure to print the instructions in various translations too.


Protecting your box printing would seem more manageable with the tips in this article. So, get on with creating a better brand image and customer experience today!

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