Which are the best and premium IB schools in Dubai?

Being a parent comes with a huge responsibility. Of all the decisions you take for your child, the most significant one is to choose the right school. The entire career and future of your child depend on it. Hence, you have to put in all your effort to ensure you choose the best Dubai international school for a brighter future for your child. As Dubai experiences development rapidly, plenty of IB schools in Dubai opened up. Though it improved the level of education in the city and gave better opportunities to students, it confused the parents to bits about choosing the perfect school.

Each institute would claim to be the best, promising to be an ideal choice for your children. However, finding what works for your children is a tedious task. You would have to do extensive research, seek references from fellow parents, and gather all the information about the suitable schools.

Best and premium IB schools in Dubai

We have sorted the research for you and listed the best IB schools Dubai. You can choose one from the options mentioned below, and it will prove fruitful for your child.

The Global Indian International School

GIIS has built excellence in its curriculum, infrastructure, innovation, learning methodologies, and everything else. The school stands tall in the list of best schools in Dubai that every parent can rely on for their children. They have won many awards and accolades for the academic excellence, infrastructural arrangements, and the environment they provide at school.

The multiple branches worldwide and their campus in Dubai is an ideal choice for your children. Their students get the best university placements, and many alumni are currently big names in the field of art. You can trust the Global Indian International school with your child’s future, and the results will amaze you.

Kent College Dubai

Kent College is a school that follows international educational standards and offers an IB curriculum. Their vision is to amalgamate studies and co-curricular activities to keep children interested in school. They believe in the overall development of a child and provide an environment that helps them grow. The infrastructure is well-equipped with all the latest features that contribute to the fruitful career of every child.

The Aquila School

It is an affordable Dubai international school with a strategically planned learning program that matches international standards. They train the students to develop skills they need to survive in the future.

Moreover, their international schools’ partnerships enable them to organize different activities to give global exposure to their students. As a result, it is amongst the top choices of parents every year at the time of admissions, and their academic results are proof of their efficiency.

Repton School Dubai

It is one of the reputed and most popular IB schools in Dubai that offer fantastic facilities to the students. You get digitally equipped classrooms, libraries, laboratories, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, swimming pools. Basically, everything that you can expect from a modern-day international school.

Other than this, they follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum to prepare their students for international competition and ensure that they can nail any field of studies or art in the future.

GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS has been a popular choice amongst parents for in-person classes. It is still standing tall on the expectations by maintaining the same quality standards in its online learning setup.

There are countless other options for Dubai International schools that offer IB curriculum. However, IB is a bit challenging to adapt. Hence, it would help if you chose a school with proven academic results and proficient faculty who can train the children well.

Once you select the school you want to choose, make sure you visit it personally to check if it has everything it promises. Then, choose the best IB schools in Dubai to design the best future for your children.

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