What Are The Important Things To Consider While Choosing Umrah Packages?

With yet another risk of the Omicron strain of the virus spreading, many are afraid of the holy sites being locked again.  The two years of COVID-19 had people confined to their homes and home countries. All sorts of travelling were banned and the pilgrimage procedures got affected too.  The spiritual journey of Umrah and Hajj was restricted as well, and many Muslims were heartbroken over it.

However, this new strain is yet under control, and by following proper SOPs, one could still opt for these places while they are open. The UK has not announced any travelling restrictions nor KSA has shed any light on these matters.  Since Umrah is the worship that you can avail at any time you may consider Umrah packages from the UK and set on this journey while practising self-care.

Royal Travel is a company operating in the UK for 25 long years. They not only arrange holiday trips or go to Dubai, but they also provide affordable and quality packages for Umrah and Hajj. Their Umrah Packages are inclusive of all the requirements that you may want your package to include.  They offer flights from different cities in the UK. Their 7-days Umrah Package has widespread popularity among their clients.

What Should You Consider?

Here is a little guide that would brief you about things that you should consider while choosing any Umrah Package. 

Your Budget

Umrah packages vary as per your budget. The more money you are willing to pay, the most comfortable set-up you will get. SO before you apply for any package, be sure about your finances and if there is room to negotiate on the cost with your company or not. 

Most companies offer economic services along with five-star packages. You can choose any of the services that suit you best. 

How Long Will You Stay?

If you are thinking about staying for a week or two, you should pick up a package that also facilitates a trip to the excavations.  Umrah could take a maximum of six to seven hours,  you can perform several umrahs, for the amount of time you will stay there. By going to ziyarahs, and staying at Madinah, you will further enrich your experience and gain knowledge about other places as well.

Run a Thorough Research On Your Hotel

Quite commonly does it happen that people opt for a cheap package thinking they will get a luxurious hotel stay. Similarly, some companies lure their clients into clusters of fake beliefs, taking full advantage of the clients’  inexperience and promising them a stay close to Kaaba unless the flight lands and people learn that they have to walk a huge distance. 

Thus, it is important to thoroughly research the hotel, learn about its distance from the Holy Site, and then affirm if you would pick that package. 

Understand Room Privacy

If you are not availing of the individual package, then you will be travelling with a large group. This means you would be sharing rooms with a lot of people.  

Check for WiFi 

You would want to call back home and most hotels include it in their services.  The network calls could be costing you money, so it is better to use WiFi. 

Check For The Validity of Your Traveling Agency

This is an important thing to consider. Do not let your money be played with. Your travelling agency should be affiliated with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.  RoyalTravels is a company that is authorized in this regard. 

Read the Testimonials of the Company You are Going With

Once you have decided that you want to pick up a certain package from a particular company, you should take a glance at their reviews. This would allow you to establish trust with your agency as well as let you know about the reputation and reach of the company. 

Do Check for the Guide

Even if you know how to perform Umrah, the travelling anxiety and stress sometimes lead to forgetting a step or two from the procedure. A guide enables you to perform this ibadah, in a fulfilling manner and keeps reminding you about the next steps. 

They also help you with your stays, passports and all the legal work. So make sure that the Umrah Package you want does give you access to a guide. 

Final Words:

You should keep all of these things in mind so as not to lose your way amidst all the hectic planning of Umrah. It is an experience of a lifetime. And no matter how many times you go, each time the process sparks in you a new enthusiasm and excitement.  Therefore, you should consider all aspects of it and only then apply for Umrah. 

RoyalTravels provide all these services as mentioned above. They have got a massive reputation and are known as one of the best Umrah Travelling agencies from the UK. 

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