Best Live Video Streaming Software: Everything You Need to Know

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the world seems to share not many ceremonies of washing hands, wearing masks, and ‘binge-watching ‘- putting the web through the most extreme pressure test in the business. The craving for entertainment and idealism during the pandemic is making a bonus for streaming devices, in this manner possibly raising the interest for video streaming software and instruments. While various new organizations are arising with inventive contributions, a phenomenal organization strain and presence of streaming models that are receptive to expanded traffic are putting extra tension for the streaming media organizations.

Aside from the media and entertainment industry, the current situation is changing the manner in which business associations reach at their clients. As these ventures have don’t really admittance to as numerous actual assets and buyers, live streaming is becoming basic for business coherence. Rise of ‘remote’ activity as the new the state of affairs is further pushing the interest for life spilling across various associations and business settings. As the quantity of COVID-19 patients keeps on opposing gravity and residents are continually approached to cease from public get-togethers and remain at home, media utilization is set to blast and drive a substantial interest for video streaming software.

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Global Video Streaming Software Market – Overview

  • The video streaming software market will raise US$ 5 Bn in 2021.
  • The extraordinary rise in video streaming subscriptions and increasing demand for original media content are fueling the growth engine.
  • Video-on-Demand (VoD) breaks the leading revenue share; live video streaming to slide.
  • Fact- Software solutions would definitely generate revenue multiple that of services by 2030.
  • The adoption of video streaming software will remain predominant in media and entertainment vertical.
  • New emerge India followed by Europe, would lead the pack in video streaming software market growth.

Video Streaming Market: Structure Analysis

  • Key video streaming software providers operating in the global video streaming software market include Brightcove Inc., Haivision, IBM, Kaltura Inc., Panopto, VUALTO, Ooyala, Inc., (Poly) Plantronics, Inc., Vbrick, NCrypted, Inc., Cloudinary, dacast, OBS, and Wowza Media Systems, LLC, among others.
  • There are many Leading video streaming service providers include Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, and YouTube, among others.
  • Netflix Inc. crossed 2 million subscribers in France and Germany soon after its global launch in 2016. However, the company is still facing stiff competition from local pay-tv operators in the region.

More video streaming services

Right now there are many video streaming services out there already have your head giggling? One of the big draws away from cable tv has been the ability for customers of video streaming services to pick only what they want. Definitely an improvement over the “pay-for-400-channels-but-use-only-five” model that comes with cable. But the cable companies and TV channels are not about to fail without a fight.

What do the old experts say? “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Some of the largest cable organizations and networks are taking this opportunity to heart and launching their own video streaming apps.

For example, Dish invested in SlingTV, which streams a sizable selection of cable channels live.

HBO has launched its own video streaming application, HBO allows subscribers to stream Game of Thrones and much other quality contents just for $15 a month.

Showtime has released a same to same application at lower price, $11 per month.

CW, ESPN, and CBS have started cost-free streaming applications with some limitations.

These applications have been a huge success till now, with one survey finding that, as of the middle of 2016 year, 30% U.S. youth have TV channels applications downloaded onto their devices. That means more networks and other entertainment companies are all the more likely to jump into the video streaming business. It means you have more options to choose from than ever before. Its like knowing the future can be more of a curse than a blessing Right!


We hope this article has helped to enlighten you on video streaming business market and growth. As we’ve discussed earlier, the most important element involves choosing an online video streaming software that’s right for you. You can read all about our live streaming pricing plans to see which the best fit is for you.

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