How to Install a Prestashop Theme to your Online Store?

So, all set to launch your first online store? But hey, wait!!! Have you decided on a theme for your online store? Not yet? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Choosing the best theme for an e-commerce website that also goes with your business idea can be very exhausting. You have to consider a number of factors like your favorite color, design and most importantly what you are going to sell. Then you combine everything to make a decent theme that is going to be the face of your online store. 

Well, you must have heard about Prestashop Themes, there are a lot of free Prestashop Themes and paid as well. Now, here comes another task: how to install Prestashop Themes? And that is where this in-depth guide comes in. Here we will cover all the fastest and easiest steps to install a Prestashop Theme and turn your store into a fun place for shopping. So, keep reading!!!

Steps to install Prestashop Theme:

Step 1. Download Prestashop Theme package

First and foremost step is to download a theme package on your desktop. As the theme comes with an installation guide, make sure that you go through the guide carefully before starting with the installation process. 

After that, download the package that contains theme files.

Step 2. Import the theme into your e-commerce website

Login to your Prestashop admin panel and go to the theme management page. Now click add a new theme button and then click on the use this theme button.

For importing the theme to your computer, just click on the browse button and find the theme package that you have downloaded in step 1. 

Go to import from the computer section and hit on the add file button. Now when you redirect to the theme, just click open and then save. 

Note: If you have the latest version of Prestashop 1.7 then you are good to go but if you are using a prior version then first you will need to download the Prestashop template installer. 

Step 3. Customize your Prestashop Theme

To complete the installation process you need to customize your theme. So, to apply the theme to your store, follow the below steps.

After uploading the theme on your website, go back to the previous page. Go to the preference menu and select themes. 

Click the browse button and upload the logo, embodying it as your new theme.

Go back again to the preferences and click on the images. At the bottom of the page, click on regenerate thumbnails.

Step 4. Activate the theme

In step 3 you have installed your theme. Now activate your theme as the default theme. 

Now, you can see it on your online store.

What type of businesses should use Prestashop Templates?

Prestashop provides a lot of templates for different types of businesses. If you have an e-commerce website for fashion, electronics, jewelry, gadgets, sunglasses, home, decoration, toys, garden, books, furniture etc. The Prestashop templates will help you give an appealing theme to your online store. 

Luckily, the templates are live online and many businesses are using them to convert visitors into customers. Also, check out the Prestashop 1.7 templates for fun themes.

What are the benefits of Prestashop Themes?

Using Prestashop Themes, you will be able to customize your online store as per your wish. It also features a home layout that allows you to make your online store more attractive with creative banners, menus, sliders, etc.

Each template comes with incredible color combinations and design that makes the visitors want to interact with your e-commerce website. 

The best thing about Prestashop Themes is that they are SEO friendly. That means it will also help you rank higher on Google. 

The checkout process of Prestashop Themes is also very easy by allowing you to add only important information about customers. 

Prestashop also features more than 60 languages, so you can create your online store as per your country and its language. 

Final Thoughts

Being an online store owner, you must know how important it is to have an eye-catching and decent website. By following the above steps to install Prestashop Themes, you will be able to create an online presence that looks and functions the way your customers want.

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