How to Deal With Facebook Disabled Account Issue

Is Facebook a very important part of your life? Don’t answer. We will tell you it is and that is one of the main reasons why you are here visiting our website. Facebook helps you to remain in contact with your friends and family with the help of constant uploads and comments. But when this Facebook account is no longer on your hold then you may feel frustration and irritation. You may be wondering why Facebook disabled my account and what can you do if such a thing happens to you.  

So, read through our carefully constructed blog to know more about this issue and how you can try to resolve it. 

Reasons for Your account getting disabled

There can be many reasons for Facebook to disable your account. It happens when you do not follow the terms and conditions put forward by Facebook. We are telling you some of the activities that can be the root cause of your Facebook account disabled. 

  • Your Facebook account will get disabled if you are using a fake name.
  • If you are pretending to be another person then, Facebook may disable your account.
  • If you are doing some things that are against the community standards of Facebook then. Your account will likely get disabled.

How to get your account back if it is disabled?

It is usually a very difficult task to get your account back if it is disabled. But in some very rare cases, you can try to get your account back. 

  • Appeal the Deactivation

If you have carefully looked through all the guidelines of Facebook and still think that this may be a mistake then, you can request Facebook to give your account back.

You need to look for the “Account Quality” tab under the Business manager menu and then plead for an appeal. The appeal can take around 12 hours to get a response but you will get a response. If the disabled Facebook account has happened on the right grounds then, your appeal would not help you.

  • Settle the payments for your Account

If your business account has been disabled then it can happen if you have not cleared your payments with the Application. You will only get your account back after you have cleared all your invoices with Facebook. Once you have cleared all the dues then you will gain the access to your account back. All your businesses will be back online after you have paid the amount due to Facebook.

What can you do to reduce the risk of your account getting disabled?

If you want to know certain ways through which you can protect your account from getting disabled then, we are giving you those ways too.

  • You should try to evade the use of any misleading content.
  • You should use a fully functional site that is not under construction.
  • You should not promote any adult content on your Facebook page or account.

Use the guide to avoid any mishaps with Facebook in the future.

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