Kheerganga Trek- A Perfect Detailed Guide

AroKheerganga trek is one of the most popular and amazing treks in the Parvathi valley. und Kasol, this valley is the best amongst all of the other valleys.The duration of the trek will be 7 to 8 hours and the hot springs are located at the height of 2950 m. The trek of Kheerganga will start from Barshaini. People have to drive from Kasol.

A day hike to Kheerganga can be done but practically it would not be advisable.

The trekking distance of Kheerganga trek would be 12 to 13 km.

People will also come across the mysterious, dangerous and lesser

known hot springs at the top of the Kheerganga. From the summit of the trek, people can also see the magnificent and wonderful views of the Parvati Valley.

Kheerganga is a forty-white and magnificent mountain river which is very beautiful in Kasol. The Kheerganga Trek is famous all over the country for trekking and for its beauty. It falls from high up in the mountains and the only way to reach there is through a short but onerous trek.

Here is the information about the perfect detailed guide about the Kheerganga trek.

Trekking Routes Of Kheerganga

There are the two routes of the amazing and popular Kheerganga trek-

There are also stay homes and dhabas in this village.

First, from the bridge at Barshaini village, people have to go right and hike up to Kalga village. The route will pass through the amazing dense forests.

Second, tgs route will go through the wonderful Nakthan village and people have to take a left from the bridge at Barshaini. This route is considered as the shortest route and most picturesque route  but this route is quite steepy so this trek becomes difficult.

The difficulty level of this trek would be from moderate to difficult and it is advisable that this trek should not be done by non-experienced trekkers.

People who are suffering from heart problems are advised not to do this trek.

People can also go camping during this amazing trek. Since there will be no electricity some of the homestays offer the tandoor in the dining tents to keep people warm. Good food would be quite expensive as there is no electricity and transportation.

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Food And Stay During The Kheerganga Trek

At Kasol, people will find the restaurants which serves the foriegn cuisines and most the cuisines are if Israeli style. Here the population of tourist people for trekking are the most from Israel. The Israeli cuisines of these restaurants are very famous and delicious. People will also find German and Chinese restaurants here.

Be confident and taste the foods from China, Israel and Germany and go for the wonderful trek.

Best Time To Do This Trek

People can access this trek throughout the year except in the winter and monsoon season. During the winter season, there would be heavy snowfall which leads to landslides and also blocks the route of the trek. The difficulty level in the winter season of this trek will be very difficult for non- experienced trekkers as well as for experienced trekkers.

During the monsoon season, there will be heavy rainfall which leads to the steep and slippery routes of the trek and it would be very dangerous to trek in this season. The trail of this trek is open for the experienced trekkers but not for non-experienced trekkers. It would be very dangerous and challenging to do a trek in this season.

The most suitable time to trek at Kheerganga would be from April to November where the most absolute months are April, May, 

September and October.


So here is the perfect detailed guide of the wonderful and amazing Kheerganga trek. All of us, at once must visit the place for venturing beautiful scenic views. Do not forget to taste the delicious and lovely  local food of this place. Meeting local people of this place, listening to their amazing stories and learning about their culture will give a delightful experience. People just have to learn about the basic mountaineering skills to trek in Kheerganga. People can do this trek with their family and friends both but more enjoyment and fun will be done with the friends.


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