Hot shot trucking insurance requirements

Driving a hotshot truck may be the most exciting job you’ll ever have. As an independent hotshot driver, you are your own boss. You have the opportunity to meet many interesting people and are always on the move – whether it’s hotshot driving through Alaska or another state, hotshot driving is definitely a career for those who want excitement and freedom.

Now, hotshot trucking jobs do not offer retirement plans or paid holidays and vacations like regular nine-to-five jobs. However, hot shot truckers enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with hot shot trucking jobs. Another big thing hot shot drivers value is home time – since hot shots drivers don’t work consistent hours, it’s important for hot shot drivers to be home often.

One of the challenges that hotshots drivers face is hot shot trucking insurance requirements. Depending on what you are hauling, hot shot insurance can become very expensive – some hotshot truckers have spent upwards of $30,000 for hotshot trucking insurance.

Here is how hotshot trucking insurance coverage works:

Hotshot carriers will carry hot shot insurance on their own vehicles. They want hot shots to carry enough liability and cargo insurance to meet hotshot trucking requirements. That’s why many hot shots purchase a general cargo policy that includes $1 million of hotshot trucking liability. It has at least $100,000 in hot shot cargo insurance.

However, hotshot trucking carriers can provide hotshot truckers with hotshot insurance. It is a hot shot driver-only policy. A hotshot carrier policy is usually much more affordable than purchasing your own general cargo and hotshot liability policies. Keep in mind, if you do purchase a hotshot carrier policy, they will typically require you to drive a hotshot truck. It is newer than three years of age. This was, hotshot carriers are insured against more expensive repairs to hotshot trucks if they have an accident.

In addition, hotshots will want to consider hotshot trucking insurance requirements before hauling hazardous materials. They also require it while operating in Mexico or Canada, since some policies don’t cover these hotshot driving services.

Hotshots know that being a hotshot driver is not the only important factor when it comes to hotshot trucking services.

Hotshot Carriers

Hotshot carriers are interested in hot shot truckers who believe they are hotshots. Hot shot drivers with confidence who know hotshots are the best when it comes to hotshot driving services, hotshot equipment and hotshot customer service. Make sure your body speaks what your mind is already saying by bulking up and staying in hot shot shape. Don’t stop hotshot trucking education because hot shots are always learning about hotshot driving and hotshot equipment, whether it is a new type of hotshot hitch or hot shot tools.

Hotshot carriers realize hot shots are essential in hot shot transportation services and hotshot equipment. Causing hotshots to fail makes hot shot customers late, which is good for no one. It is especially not good for the hot shots who love hot shot driving so much because they get paid hourly or by the mile – not by delivery time! If hotshot trucking services fail, hotshot carriers lose money. Don’t let hot shot trucking insurance requirements get in the way of hotshot driving – just get hotshot insurance and hotshot liability coverage before accepting hotshot jobs.

Independent hot shot truck drivers

Many hot shots decide to work independently rather than sign on with a hot shot carrier. It is because the hotshots like having an ownership stake in hotshot trucking.

Independent hot shot drivers must spend more time on the road. It is mandatory to make the same amount of money. They could as hot shot carriers, which can result in hot shots getting behind on hot shot insurance premiums. The best way to stay current on hotshot trucking insurance requirements is to set up automatic pay with hot shot carriers you work with.

One hotshot carrier, hotshot driver, can’t afford to get behind on hotshot insurance. It is their hot shot liability policy with the government. Since hot shots only pay hotshot trucking insurance requirements as they go instead of paying all at once up front. Hotshot drivers should sign up for hotshot insurance policies that allow monthly direct withdrawals from hotshot bank accounts.

You may be hot shot enough to work independently hotshot trucking. You also need hotshot insurance coverage like hot shots do. Visit hot shot carriers in your area or online for more information on hotshot insurance requirements.

Don’t let hotshot trucking interests get in the way of insuring your hot shot business.


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