Biggest Packing Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

Are you moving to a new place with all your household goods? Do you have any idea how would you relocate with all your possessions safely and smoothly? Yes, the best way to relocate your belongings safely is to pack them properly. Or, you can hire professional packers and movers to relocate your goods from one city to another.

Moving agencies have all the resources to pack and move your stuff. But in return, you will have to pay them their charges. If you think you cannot afford packers and movers services in Mumbai then you can opt for a DIY move. But we would suggest doing this only if you are experienced or moving locally within a city. For an intercity move, you must hire interstate packers and movers in India.

Well, if you have opted for a DIY move then below are a few packing mistakes that people do during a household move that you must avoid. Yes, people often do mistakes during home shifting that must be avoided to relocate successfully. Therefore,  those who wanted to have a safe and smooth relocation experience must avoid the biggest yet common mistakes during household relocation.

What Packing Mistakes You Must Avoid during House Shifting?

Leaving things until the last minute

If we talk about the most common yet the biggest mistake relocators make during a household move then it is procrastinating or leaving things until the last minute. You might have experienced this in your life for sure. Well, we all do such things. But, we must not do this when we are relocating to a new place.

Leaving things until the last minute is a common practice for people. But, this mistake could cost you a lot. Not only you will mess up things at the last minute but also risk all your belongings. If you want to relocate your home with professional packers and movers then book their services. Do not leave it for the last minute as their charges increases as per the demand-supply scenario. The less time you will have in your hand, the higher you will be paying to the movers. So, book them faster.

Similarly, if you are going to do it on your own then do not waste your time and start planning and getting organized as soon as possible. No matter how many days or months you have in your hand, start planning your move at the earliest.

Using old or used packaging materials

It is quite common to reuse packaging materials also, people suggest doing this to save money on packing supplies. Well, this won’t help you every time. If you are relocating locally then you may use the old packaging materials. But when you are relocating to a long-distance place then you should not use them.

When a product is used several times it loses its durability and is not safe for use. If it’s an intercity relocation then we would not advise you to use old boxes and packaging materials. That could be harmful to your goods. They can get broken if not packed properly or the boxes are not durable. So, avoid this biggest mistake and get your household packed using good packaging materials.

Not using the right-sized boxes

It’s important to use the right-sized boxes to pack your belongings, especially electronic items. This is because the goods can toss and move inside the box and get damaged. Hence, it’s important to use the right-sized boxes. This way there will be no space inside the box. And if there is a gap, you can fix it by filling crumpled papers or packing peanuts inside the box. But, do not ignore huge gapings. Simply use the original boxes if you have them, or find the boxes of every size from small to large.

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Overloading the boxes

While filling the boxes, we don’t care about their weight, which is a big mistake. You must be thinking why shouldn’t you fill a box completely when there’s space. Well, that’s because overloading the boxes will not only damage your goods but also injure yourself while lifting them. Due to overload, the goods may spill from the bottom of the boxes. So, try to keep the box’s weight between 30-35 pounds and not more than this. This way you can easily lift the boxes without damaging the goods or injuring yourself and safely load them onto the truck.

Not taking proper care of fragile items

You might not take your goods seriously, but they can get damaged during shifting. Breakable goods should be taken extra care of during transportation. If you will not use good quality packing materials you’re your fragile items then you may damage them during the move due to your negligence. Hence, it’s important to take extra care of your fragile items during a household move.

So, these are the biggest mistakes that people tend to make during house shifting. If you don’t want to have a bad relocation experience then avoid doing them.


No matter how hard you will try, you will do a few mistakes for sure. Some are acceptable and some you just cannot bear. Hence, be wise enough to select the right and reliable moving agency in your area and get your house transported under their supervision. Yes, movers and packers will help you relocate safely and effortlessly. Also, you will face no damages. So, consider hiring dependable packers and movers from Mumbai to Kolkata.

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