Gift For the Whole Family or Friend Group

To find the right gift for one person takes us a month, but for a group of friends or family members? God! That would be challenging. But the best part is that it will save you some bucks, and that’s a pretty good deal, right? Well, keep in mind every group is unique. For example, can you give the same gift to your schoolmates that you will give to your family members? Certainly not!   

Segregate the type of group you want to present before choosing a gift idea. Is it your group of BFFs? Or just a group of so-called colleagues who have become your family with time? There has to be a bit of you in the gifts that will help them feel the connection for each group. After all, a gift is not just a piece of material but the thought and affection behind it. All it really takes is a bit of breathe-in and breathe-out and rigorous internet browsing. But, all thanks to this article, because if you found us, you don’t have to go anywhere else.  ——

After diving and crashing through the waves of the World Wide Web, we present to you a pearl trove of group present ideas (yes, for all kinds of groups). Shall we get started then? 

Group Gift Ideas for Friends 

There are games for the smarty pants, unique edible treats for the forever foodies, and a lot more. These group gifts for your friends and colleagues will make you the talk of the town.  

Travel Book for Your Travel Buddies 

Travel book not only implies the photo travel books but it can be like a personal diary as well. In fact, it is a great DIY photo book group gift idea if you have a bunch of travel mates. Is it a charming trip to North Goa or a chilling trek to Manali? Travel stories with friends are speechless moments to experience. Why not engrave them on a travel book? Let one side of the book be filled with photos and the other side the part of your story – how you felt and how you missed each moment daily.  

Movie Names Scratch-off Game  

Get a board and fill it with the best movies you know. How? Well, you can make small circles and write the names or add mini movie posters. Now fill the circle with sticky notes or something that you can scratch off and let the game begin. It is not a usual kind of game, rather more like a movie bucket list. Each time any of your friends will be up for a movie night, just scratch off one of a patch and watch that movie. It saves time, trust me! It doesn’t require the time to search for THAT one right movie to set the mood.   

Truth and Dare Photo Prints 

Nothing unconventional, please! Get random “friends’ moment” photo prints and line them up back-side up. Now, blindfold one of your friends and ask them to choose one photo. If they can guess the timeline right, he or she is saved. If not, there comes a dare.  

Signature Hamper 

Get the ultimate hamper for a perfect night out – a few bottles of ‘energy drink’ (if you know, you know), some snacks, and dry fruits. Is that it? No, mate! Why would it be a signature hamper then? Spend some bucks for great music – by which we mean don’t forget the speaker.  

Hot Sauce Kit 

Some people like really spicy food – they love it when it hits their brain, and the heat unit awakens their senses. It sounds quite like torture, but if your friends are spice lovers, this kit will make you their favorite. If you want to find that hot sauce, you have to hit a Mexican or a Korean store (just get it online, don’t put so much effort)—bag in all the hot sauce bottles that look dangerous red to you and present the kit.  

Group Gift Ideas for Family 

Like mentioned earlier, there’s something for every member in this gift idea list—as long as you pass the procrastination and get ahead of celebration season delivery delays (obviously).  

Now go on and be the Santa of your family. Ready to bag in the gifts? Let’s go. 

Meal Placemats 

How many times your mother or grandmother shouts not to spill food on the table cloth? Right, so many times that you can’t even recall. Give the family meal placemats. It will save the table cloth and mood of every family member. 

Personalized Family Constellation Map 

Quite a piece of décor, we tell you. Get all your constellation maps on photo frames. It looks out of the world. Hang it in a wall where the background is subtle. Let the new home décor speak for itself.  

Homemade Candle and Bar Soap 

Little something, if you are running out of budget. Sometimes we want to gift things, but our pockets don’t permit us, and it is understandable after all the Durga Puja, Diwali, and Bhai Dujh celebrations, right? But with a few YouTube tutorials, you can get something useful, beautiful, and that scents amazing – homemade candle and bar soap.  

Family Name Pillow Cover 

I bet every family member fights over pillows. Not this time, though. Get all your names written on the pillow cover. To not make it look like a last-moment, low-quality gift, try using the ‘typewriter’ font type to write the names. It doesn’t have to scream the names but add it like a little signature at the bottom. 

Bonsai Tree 

A Bonsai tree as a gift is something eco-friendly and something that is considered lucky in the Asian culture. It is also a great way to décor the empty shelves or tabletops. Life as a gift – what can be more meaningful than that? 

Finishing Line 

Whether friends or family, these gifts are undeniably unique enough to steal the show. No matter if you are planning it for Thanksgiving or Christmas, try any of the ideas to help your loved one’s smile ear-to-ear.  

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