10 amazing stone flooring styles, how to choose, and how to clean

If you want flooring that is both functional, durable, and gorgeous, stone is the way to go. Before you buy, here’s everything you need to know suggested an interior design company in Delhi

1. Give a country kitchen a rustic feel.

A country kitchen looks great with stone floors. Why not tie in your floor with smooth limestone tiles in a flagstone style if you have a light and cheerful space? Limestone will look stunning when used with exposed stones, cream kitchen cabinets, and a variety of natural finishes and accents.

2. Bathroom flooring with a subtle ripple effect

If you want a more seamless aesthetic, pair a modern Scandinavian area with plenty of wood and stone with large format limestone tiles split lengthwise to reveal an unusual, wood-like texture. The floor just contributes to the aesthetic of this bathroom, which has a lot of textural interest.

3. Choose a white marble floor for your bathroom.

White marble floor tiles add a sense of elegance to a Mid-Century Modern-inspired bathroom. It will not only look elegant, but it will also make the room appear brighter and larger.

4. A boot room with terracotta stone flooring

An unfinished terracotta tile is the perfect rustic addition to any place in your home if you appreciate the lived-in, shabby chic style vibe. For the ultimate country farmhouse aesthetic, distressed furniture, wicker baskets, and lots of natural appearing items are used in this boot room.

5. Use a variety of stone varieties to create a pattern.

Large flagstones or slabs aren’t required for stone flooring. Create a unique pattern with smaller stone floor tiles, such as this Art Deco-inspired design with three different marble tones to compliment the enormous marble sink.

6. Stone flooring with a rough finish

Choose a rough natural looking stone floor with a polished finish if you want to add instant rustic character to your home. Although the floor will be uneven, it will compensate with style points.

7. A hallway with large format stone floor tiles

In compact rooms, go for light-colored stone with darker specks. This narrow corridor looks big and bright thanks to the square tiles. In high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens, where there is a lot of foot traffic, crumbies, and spillages, the dark flecks will be forgiving.

8. Natural stone flooring with a modular variety

Do you want to add a bit more interest to your stone floor? Choose a flagstone-style pattern with a variety of tile sizes. The stone flooring matches the recovered vintage treasures in the space and lends warmth to a cosy family centre.

9. Natural stone floor tiles with a sleek finish

Keep things simple with matt stone tiles with a tumbled and brushed texture that will complement almost any home or space. This could be used in other rooms and in the corridor to create a seamless look.

10. Limestone tiles that have been tumbled and brushed

Choose a lovely aged tumbled and brushed limestone that is mostly mid-beige in colour. A tiny and detailed fossil-like detail sits on top of this finish, giving a unique overall pattern. Limestone is incredibly durable, making it ideal for kitchen flooring and use in a variety of high-traffic areas.

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