Should I repair my roof or just get it replaced altogether?

Roof replacement and roof repairing in Bedfordshire are two totally different things that are needed at totally different timings so one cannot really choose between them because they are not similar. Though, it is recommended that you get your roof frequently maintained so that it does not reach the condition at all where it needs a complete replacement.


Let’s discuss some situations in which you will either need to get roof repairing or roof replacement. Let’s discuss some situations in which you will either need to get roof repairing or roof replacement.


A leaking roof:

When one is experiencing a leaking roof then it is certain that the roof needs repairing and not replacement altogether. Usually, a roof leaks when the shingles are damaged or there is a hole in it. If one has not gotten their roof maintenance servicing for a long time then it is a clear sign that it got damaged due to negligence. The roof does not need to be completely replaced, it can be repaired by just fixing the hole from where the water is leaking.

Cracked or Torn Shingles:

Shingles can get damaged due to a number of reasons like hard winds can blow the shingles off the roof deck. The shingles can get worn and damaged due to the harsh weather conditions or with time the adhesive may get weak or they become old due to which they start to tear off. When you are experiencing a cracked or a torn shingle then you don’t really need to replace the whole roof. Just use a bit of adhesive seal for repairing the shingles.


Improper Installation of roof:

Sometimes it can happen that roofers did a mistake and do not properly install the roof. When a roof is not properly installed, there are a number of problems which one has to constantly face no matter how much maintenance and how much repairing you get done for it. In this case, repairing will not do much and you would have to get the roof replaced altogether.


One way of checking whether the roof is properly installed or not is by checking the flashing installation near the chimneys. If the flashing is pulling up from the roof then there is a high chance that the installation is not done properly.

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The Roof was installed at least 15-20 years back:

This is a definite sign that the roof needs replacement if it was installed at least 15-20 years back. The roof tends to wear with time and even if you are getting it maintained then too you need to get it replaced. Also, if the neighbors are getting their roofs replaced and you have not done it yet take that also as a sign.

Roof damages covered by the home insurance:

Many home insurances cover roof damages as well if the roof damage is the result of an act of nature or sudden accidental event. However, home insurances do not pay for the replacement of the roof which is gradually deteriorating due to wear or tear or the negligence of maintenance.


So if you feel like your roof needs replacement due to natural causes then you can get the total cost covered by insurance.



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