Custom Tea Boxes – The Ultimate Way to Pack Your Tea

Premium custom tea boxes” is a well-known packaging business that enables companies to order customized boxes, especially for promotional, warehousing or long-term distribution. We believe that companies, whether big or little, want attractive and appropriate packaging because it helps maintain goods safely and can promote the company. Companies have different strategies on how to promote their products, and one of them is the packaging. Packaging is needed in every industry, and to have quality packaging is necessary as good quality products need to generate high profits.


Packaging Can help in Promoting your Business Worldwide.

If you have been distributing tea to your customers in your area, it will be perfect to have customized boxes for them. There are many packaging companies offering custom printed tea boxes with your company logo and contact details. Here are some of the advantages of using these boxes:




A variety of shapes are available in the market. It is possible to request standard corrugated boxes in circular, elliptical, square, rectangular etc. All these shapes will make it easier for consumers to identify your product quickly. Standard packaging comes in many common forms, but in customized packages, its shape is uniquely customized according to the company’s specifications. There are a lot of brands out there competing for the attention of consumers. However, most of them have a vision that is limited by their marketing dollars and resources. They focus on their core business activities instead of getting creative when packaging and custom printed boxes. So while it is true that you need to spend money and resources on your brand to make it distinctive and memorable, there are ways to do it within a budget and the means of your budget and resources.


Colours and imagery 

It is possible to request customized packaging in various colours and images. If you choose to order the packaging with your company’s logo and contact details, these will certainly significantly impact the consumers. You can consider printing memorable logos, quotes, artwork and attractive texts that add exceptional value to your packaging. Many small companies and independent producers who have started marketing online don’t have much money or resources to invest in the design and production of their packaging and custom printed boxes. Even if they have the capital, they lack the creativity and sophistication to create something truly memorable for your consumers. You do indeed need creative ideas to keep your consumers interested in your product and keep them coming back. But you don’t need to go for the most expensive options either. You can always start with a simple yet elegant packing tool like the box board boxes.




The standard types of cartons are made of paper, cardboard and plastic. But you can also order customized boxes based on different materials. Among the popular options are tinned, wooden, wicker, terracotta etc. If you want to go for customized paper, you can request different shapes like rectangles, squares, octagons and polygonal shapes. Bux board is a type of paper commonly used as packaging materials in small and large scale manufacturing. It has an elegant texture and is relatively low in cost as compared to other packaging materials. And because of its low cost, it is also affordable to mass production. It is one of the cheapest materials used for making custom tea boxes. It can be easily acquired, and you don’t even have to pay much money for the printing and production process.



The design of the packaging is an important aspect. You can request the format of your customized boxes in different styles. You can either request custom designs with your logo or brand name or order blank boxes that can be painted according to your brand image. Some popular options under the category of custom packaging are black tea bags, white tea bags, green tea bags, plain brown boxes with the idea of your choice, designer boxes with your logo or brand name and even photo boxes with photographs of your choice. All these options are available in varying shapes and colours.



The material of the custom tea boxes will depend upon your needs. For example, if you want your parcels to be solid and durable, you can choose plastic as the material for manufacturing. You can also order a special plastic that has an anti-static property so that the product keeps its shape without giving in to pressure and wear. Another option is to request printed boxes that have raised ink on them.




When it comes to printing, the quality of the product will significantly affect your experience with the company. You need to print the logo on the boxes with a high resolution to print suitable quality cartons. In general, for business purposes, you should opt for matte finish printing so that your branding efforts are not marred by flashy printing. Flat finish printing is also very durable. All you need to do is to ensure that your printed tea carton is manufactured from high-quality materials.

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