Best Twitter Marketing Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

According to research, around 40 percent of Twitter users carried out a purchase after seeing it on Twitter. Unfortunately, as marketers see this as an opportunity, many businesses still fail to capitalize on it as they lack a marketing strategy to grow on Twitter. But you need not worry because we have you covered. 

Twitter has around 192 million daily active users, making it the perfect platform for promoting the brand/products and attaining an audience. 

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the best Twitter marketing tips that you shouldn’t miss in 2021. 

Best Twitter Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss

#1 Identify what makes your brand stand out

One of the basic marketing rules is that you should know what makes your brand unique or what makes it stand out from the crowd. In simple words, your brand’s USP should be the main point of your advertising campaign. 

While using social media platforms for marketing, keep this rule in mind. Try to emphasize your USP and convince people how your brand can bring change in their lives. 

While pitching to your audience, ensure you understand what your target audience needs or demands. For research purposes, try to identify your competitors and their marketing strategy. Don’t copy them but try to inspire yourself and form new ideas. 

#2 Optimize your profile

Once you know your target audience and identify your USP, it’s time to build your profile accordingly. Unfortunately, most Twitter accounts fail to market their brand as they create their profile and do not work.

Merely creating a Twitter account is not enough. It would help if you optimized it to reach your audience and attract more people. Optimization here refers to making modifications that give an identity to your profile. 

For example – put your logo as your display picture, it will help the users identify your account, and at the same time, it will give a unique identity to your profile.

Another added advice while optimizing your account is to optimize your bio as well. For example, try to insert keywords and appropriate hashtags in your bio. Also, briefly explain how your products can bring change to your customers’ lives or why they should use your products or services.

#3 Add videos to your profile

According to some research, videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos. So we can conclude that videos add more engagement.

While you are using the platform, try to promote your products using video content. Besides it having more engagement, video content provides vibrancy and hence attracts more audience. Moreover, visual content has always been the key weapon for marketers as they offer more information than written content and stay fresh in the viewers’ minds for a long time. 

#4 Involve cross-platform promotion on your plan

When we talk about social media marketing, we consider it a part of our strategy as networks have a vast user base. But sometimes we don’t see the other side of using social media to its full potential.

In simple terms, sometimes, promoting the brand on one social media network is not enough. You need to use other platforms as well, so you can attract more audiences. 

For eg: Twitter allows you to copy the tweet’s link and paste them into different social media to create an integration.

The same method can be used to embed Twitter feed on the website, but if you stick with Twitter’s feature, it has many limitations. For example – You have to discover and add tweets one by one, which is time-consuming. 

To overcome these limitations, you can use social media aggregator tools. Social media aggregators are excellent tools that help you collect the content from social media platforms and then display them on your website. 

You can use these tools dedicatedly for Twitter to collect tweets using hashtags, mentions, Twitter handles, etc., and embed Twitter feed on your website. Moreover, most of these tools are coding-free like Tagembed. Hence, even if you don’t have coding experience or skills, you can still use this tool without any hassle.

#5 Leverage on latest trends

Twitter provides the facility where you can know about the latest trending hashtags. You can use these hashtags to your benefit. 

You can voice your opinion using the hashtag or build your marketing campaign around those hashtags. Leveraging the latest trending hashtags is an intelligent way to attract an audience to your Twitter profile, and it can eventually help you strengthen your social media presence.

While keeping track of the recent events, make sure that you stay up to date with all the latest happenings around your industry. It will help you capture hashtags, and then you can spread your content to your target audience.

#6 Use the right hashtags and keywords 

As mentioned above, hashtags can help gain more audience. So make sure you capture the right keywords that allow you to reach your target audience. Keep in mind that Twitter marketing/advertising success only depends on your ability to be seen by your target audience. When you can establish more brand recognition within your target audience, you can consider your Twitter marketing a successful running campaign. 

You can use tools that help you to identify the keywords and assist you with keyword research. In addition, it provides excellent help for your Twitter marketing.


Twitter marketing tips can provide a significant boost to your business, as it provides you with a platform where you can market your brand to a large audience. But keep in mind that merely creating an account is not enough. You need to add some marketing strategies that help your brand establish brand awareness and enhance Twitter’s strength. You can always you different tools that allow you to extract further benefits from this social media giant. So make sure you derive maximum benefits and help your business to grow.

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