Must-Do Things Before Relocating to a New Place

There are numerous reasons for which people relocate from one place to another. Let’s take it a job transfer or higher education. But if you are leaving your place and moving into a new city, then this article is for you. Moving is something that most of us are not pro at.

This is because one does it hardly twice, thrice in his entire life. The ones with permanent job transfers are the exceptions here. There are various things that one needs to take care of while moving.

Shifting is really a stressful job, but panic is not the solution. You don’t need to take the stress anymore.  Here are a few must-do things before relocating to a new place.

Plan properly

The whole game begins here only. Start by making an appropriate plan and prepare a checklist of all the essential things that you need to do. The planning should be from the present time to the settlement in the new house. An accurate checklist will bring an end to all obstacles. It will help you out in a successful relocation for house shifting in India.

Notify your current landlord

Informing your landlord is extremely important if you are living in a rented apartment. You should in fact inform him the day you got confirmation of your move. This will be a great help to your landlord, as meanwhile he can find someone else and his house will not be left vacant. This will help you as well because you will get your deposit on time.

Pay all the dues

It is also a very important step that you should do before shifting. Clear all the dues that are unpaid in the old house. There are various bills that need to be paid like water bills, electricity bills, or tuition fees for your kids. Clear them all before moving.

Take the TC of your children

One of the main tasks that parents need to do is collect the ‘transfer certificate’ of children from their schools. If you forget this in a hurry of shifting, then you will face problems at the time of admission to the new school. As transfer certificate from the old school is a must to enroll in a new school, collect them whenever you get time before the move.

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Put online shopping to an end at least 10 days before moving            

Since you are moving to a new place and your address is changing, there is no point in ordering something to your old address and increasing the burden to carry that item to the new place. So, it’s far better to wait a few days and then place your order at the new address.

Even if it’s urgent or any offer is going on, do provide your new address and the delivery date of when you will be available there.

Hire packers and movers

Nothing can be better than hiring a professional moving company for the whole relocation process. Don’t fall into the trap of local movers, just to save a few bucks. The moving companies provide complete insurance to your goods, so your stress decreases for sure.

Their workers are trained and are highly professional in their works. They know the correct way of doing the whole stuff. But here too, proper research is mandatory. Ask your friends or relatives if they have used any or know about any good packers and movers Chennai to Bangalore.

Just going by the brand name or reviews will not be enough for sure. Try to get in touch with their past customers and finalize them only after their positive reviews.

Make a budget

No matter whatever you do in your life, a proper budget is very important. This applies here as well. Plan a budget before doing anything further. If you make a budget ahead then you will the amount that you can spend on every step of movement.  After planning a budget, try to stick to it.

If you prepare a budget, then you will know the expense and will be able to arrange things properly. Skipping the step can lead to last-minute trouble. This step will save you from money flow or debt for sure.

Donate the useless goods

This is another mistake that most of us do. There is no point in carrying the trash along with us to the new place. We all have various goods in the house that are just kept uselessly, and we never use them. So, instead of carrying them, it’s better to donate them to the ones who actually need them.

Your one step can benefit many lives. The poverty of the country is not hidden from anyone. So your extra items can be used to bring happiness to someone’s life. This will not only help the one you are donating, rather, but it will also be helpful for you too. This will reduce unnecessary luggage.


These were some must-do things before relocating to a new place. Do follow them for hassle-free shifting. Good luck!!!!

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