Etsy SEO Tips to Drive Sales

Etsy SEO is not easy to do by yourself. Etsy has a very unique search engine algorithm that will make it challenging to optimize their store’s listings without the help of an expert. If you are interested in having your store rank higher on Etsy, this blog post will detail some key strategies and tips to get started!

Optimize your Etsy shop name

Etsy is by far the most popular online craft marketplace. It’s estimated that about 40% of all handmade items and supplies sold in the US are made on Etsy

  • The competition to buy and sell good quality, handmade and vintage items can be quite high.
  • There are already several thousand sellers competing for the same potential customers. So in order to enhance your Etsy shop’s visibility, you need to increase the number of visitors to your Etsy shop.
  • The Etsy search algorithms are very similar to any other popular e-commerce website like Amazon or eBay. Etsy buyers use their desired items’ keywords in the search box and then they sort by popularity or by Etsy’s suggested items.
  • The more keywords your Etsy shop and handmade items are associated with, the higher chance you have to be found by those potential Etsy buyers. When choosing an Etsy shop name, it’s important to take Etsy SEO into consideration as well.

Here are few steps you can take to help you with Etsy shop SEO.

1. Include Etsy search keywords in Etsy shop name

You can use Etsy’s suggested items or Etsy’s advanced search criteria to find Etsy search keywords for your Etsy shop. Simply type the keyword into Etsy’s search bar and press enter. On the Etsy search results page, Etsy will automatically display Etsy suggested items below the Etsy search results.

2. Include Etsy shop category keywords in Etsy shop name

Etsy has different categories for every kind of handmade, vintage, or supplies item. You can find Etsy’s most popular shops by category here.

3. Include Etsy keywords in Etsy shop name

Etsy’s suggested items and Etsy’s search criteria also provide Etsy-related keywords, which can be used as Etsy’s shop name.

4. Use numbers to help with keyword optimization

When choosing an Etsy shop name, try to avoid using numbers, so Etsy won’t have trouble differentiating Etsy shop names with similar Etsy shop keywords. You can use Etsy search keywords for your Etsy shop name to ensure you are covering all Etsy-based e-commerce site’s Etsy SEO requirements.

5. Take advantage of Etsy social media marketing

Etsy has its own blog, Etsy Twitter account, and Etsy Facebook business page Etsy users browse Etsy’s inventory in a more efficient way and at the same time. You can use these Etsy social media accounts to share your Etsy shop info with other Etsy users.

6. Participate in Etsy forums and Etsy groups

There are several Etsy forums and Etsy groups available where Etsy users can ask questions, share Etsy experience and Etsy-related information. Participating in these Etsy groups and forums will help you connect with other Etsy shop owners or Etsy buyers who might be potential customers for your Etsy shop.

7. Use Etsy instant search on the sidebar of every page

Etsy instant search, powered by Etsy recommend button, is a great way to quickly find Etsy items. Etsy instant search will help Etsy users browse Etsy’s inventory in a more efficient way and at the same time, it helps Etsy shop owners optimize their Etsy shop name.

8. Monitor your Etsy SEO progress by Etsy analytics

Etsy analytics will help Etsy shop owners track Etsy’s search engine optimization with the Etsy Google webmaster tools integration. It is a great e-commerce platform to monitor your Etsy SEO efforts and position of your Etsy website in the highly competitive handmade craft marketplaces like Etsy. It will help Etsy shop owners track the Etsy website’s Etsy search position and Etsy keyword ranks.

Optimize your Etsy name SEO with the above tips to ensure you are doing everything necessary to improve your Etsy web presence. Make sure you have a proper Etsy shop title, Etsy category keywords, Etsy e-commerce keywords for Etsy search, Etsy e-commerce website keywords, and Etsy instant search keywords.

Use keywords in the title, description, tags, and titles of your listings

The title of your Etsy listing is very important to Etsy search algorithms. The Etsy search algorithm puts heavy emphasis on the words in the Etsy listing’s title, so using keywords in your Etsy listing title can help you get found more often by shoppers who are searching for things related to the keywords you used.

Keywords not only help Etsy search algorithms find your Etsy listings (and thus help you get found), but they also act as a form of marketing; other Etsians may use the keywords you used in their own Etsy listing titles, further increasing the potential customer base for which you are visible.

Key points:

It’s important to include your Etsy shop name in your Etsy listing titles as well. Etsy search algorithms also place a lot of emphasis on Etsy shop names.

Your Etsy product’s description is one of the most important places to use keywords.

The Etsy search algorithm heavily weights words in the Etsy listings descriptions, so try to include as many relevant keywords in the Etsy listings description as possible.

You can include searchable words not only in the Etsy listings’ product descriptions but also in Etsy listing titles and tags.

So if you have an Etsy listing named “Red Dress – Vintage 1950s Polka Dot Dress” with the following Etsy listing title: “Vintage 1950s Polka Dot Dress – Red Vintage Dress – Etsy SEO” you would be better off with the Etsy listing title “Red Polka Dot Vintage Dress | Etsy SEO” or “1950s Red Polka Dot Dress | Etsy SEO” (whichever best describes your Etsy listing).

The Etsy search algorithm treats Etsy tags and Etsy listing titles just like Etsy listings’ product descriptions: they’re prime real estate for Etsy keywords.

You can include Etsy tags and Etsy listing titles in the Etsy listings description as well. So it’s good to use relevant Etsy keywords in both your Etsy tags and Etsy listing titles.

However Etsy tags and Etsy titles are not meant to be used as Etsy listings descriptions, so you shouldn’t use Etsy keywords in Etsy tags and Etsy listings titles instead of Etsy listings’ product descriptions.

Etsians often abbreviate Etsy listing names with just the first few letters of Etsy listing names, Etsians called Etsy tags “names” and Etsy listings titles “descriptions.”

Don’t use Etsy search terms in Etsy listings titles, tags, and Etsy description for the sake of Etsy search terms alone – Etsy search terms are not Etsy keywords.

Etsy search algorithms weigh Etsy keywords heavily, but Etsy listings with Etsy keywords do not always rank higher in Etsy search results.

Add photos to your listing with plenty of white space for an eye-catching presentation

When deciding on photos to use on Etsy. It’s important to first realize Etsy is an e-commerce website first and foremost. That means Etsy search engines focus on keywords more than on visuals (although you can’t ignore the importance of both). This makes for a different approach when choosing your images.

First, it helps to think like Etsy’s e-commerce search engines. What words do you think Etsy would use to rank your product?

For example, Etsy might rank certain photos higher than others based on the following keyword phrases:

  • small space decorating ideas
  • easy DIY fall wreaths
  • DIY crafts for home décor

4 . Include a detailed description that tells customers what they are buying

It is important for Etsy shop owners to include a detailed description that tells customers what they are buying. Your Etsy shop’s SEO depends on this.

Here are some tips:

  1. Include keywords in your Etsy title, Etsy tags and Etsy notes section.
  2. Start sentences with words that people are looking for e.g. “How to…”
  3. Use words that are on Etsy’s SEO checklist.
  4. Keep your Etsy description under 2,000 characters or Etsy may cut off some of your Etsy text. This keeps the Etsy search engine from indexing different parts of your Etsy SEO.

5. Put effort into creating quality listings by taking good pictures and using high-quality materials

The benefits of Etsy SEO are far-reaching. For one thing, proper Etsy SEO leads to more traffic on your Etsy store. More Etsy store traffic means that you will sell more products.

The Etsy search engine is the primary source for Etsy buyers shopping for handmade items and vintage crafts. So naturally, if you want to sell online. Etsy e-commerce SEO is the most important Etsy marketing strategy.

The Etsy search engine is powered by Google so your Etsy store will show up in Google searches. But only if you have Etsy SEO tactics in place.

With Etsy e-commerce SEO you will experience a higher volume of both international and domestic buyers. When you have high search engine rankings it means that more people are going to find your Etsy e-commerce store. Etsy e-commerce SEO will increase your Etsy e-commerce sales and brand recognition.

When you have high Etsy e-commerce search engine rankings it means that more people are going to find you. When they search for the keywords related to the products that you sell in your Etsy e-commerce store. This means your Etsy e-commerce sales will increase and you will have a bigger Etsy e-commerce brand.

Another benefit of Etsy e-commerce SEO is that it ensures users are finding the entire Etsy e-commerce website rather than just individual products. In this way, Etsy e-commerce SEO provides more exposure for your Etsy blog.

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