Best Things to Do in a Condo with your Lap Dogs

There is a myriad of pet-friendly condos in the Philippines that allow dogs in the vertical community. However, some only allow lap dogs, or small breeds, at most. If you are already a fur parent and living in an affordable condo in the Philippines, then here are some of the best things to do in a condo with your lap dogs.

5 Best Things to Do in a Condo with your Lap Dogs

As the famous adage goes, “dogs are man’s best friends.” Expect utmost loyalty when you own a dog. They are the most innocent and lovable beings you could ever have in your life. For this reason, those fur parents who have dogs seek pet-friendly condos where they can live with their mini pooches. Furthermore, fur parents treat their pets as part of the family. Usually, they can become the most spoiled among family members.

However, having a happy and healthy dog entail being in a safe and livable space. A home within a community that is lavished with pine trees would be the best. A condo with pine trees creates a pocket forest that will give off a refreshing ambiance both for you and your fur baby. Apart from that, it offers a healthy environment where you can always do your yoga and fitness goals. What’s more adorable in this is that you can do the yoga and fitness workout alongside your fur baby! Hence, a pine-estate condo community is the ideal breathable space worthy to look forward to as your home.

  1. Take a Stroll

Being surrounded by a lush of green foliage offers a certain kind of rejuvenation that a hustling city cannot offer. Therefore, take advantage of the green landscape in your home with your fur baby.

The first best thing to do in a condo with your lap dog is to take a stroll and just enjoy the fresh scent of pine trees in the condo community. You can also observe the beauty of pine trees lining up on your eyesight.

Having a stroll with your lap dogs will actually create a stronger bond between you and your pet. The stroll will serve as a way to revitalize both of your energies.

  1. Play Fetch

Of course, our fur babies love play time! In a pine-estate condo, there is an unparalleled open space where your fur baby can run around under the sun. You can make it even more exciting by grabbing your fur baby’s favorite ball or toy and play some fetch.

In this way, your fur baby will also be exercised and his energies will be put into good use. Active dogs are healthier than dogs who just slack at home.

  1. Learn New Tricks

Do you believe that your fur baby can do more?

A pine-estate condo community is a serene community. This is the perfect place where you can teach your fur baby with some new tricks because he or she can focus well on your instructions.

Hence, a peaceful community offers spaces for growth for your pet babies.

  1. Cuddle Under the Skies

 Got a balcony in your condo unit?

Well, do not waste that precious place and convert it into an al fresco area where you and your fur baby can relax anytime. Why not set up a blanket and cuddle together while watching the stars in the sky? This will be therapeutic both for you and your fur baby.

Not only that!

Unlocking your creativity as you set up your al fresco balcony will boost your mood and confidence. This is definitely a best thing to do in a condo with your lap dog.

  1. Pose a Snapshot

Finally, the best thing to do in a condo with your lap dog is to maximize the resort-themed amenities by capturing your memories together. You just need a great angle and a stunning or adorable pose to captivate your audience with your fur baby.

Life is really wonderful with fur babies. You discover more about yourself and on what you can do in loving another being. Do the best things to do in a condo with your lap dogs and you will start to realize that life is still fun despite what’s happening around.


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