Best 5 restaurant management Software in India

Restaurant software in India permits you to customize individual software according to business requirements. As a consequence, you will be able to accomplish your business goals immediately, which will help in market development. We have created a list of these Best 5 Restaurant software in India.

This restaurant management software is a benefit for cafes, establishments, bars, including any other food or beverage sector. The best restaurant management software in India tracks assets, recompenses, orders, and Employee attendance. Restaurant company partners with Various holes can organize the service and data on individual policies and explain the production. 

Best 5 Restaurant Management Software in India.


  • Limetray is an end-to-end restaurant management software in India that seamlessly blends with online food distribution associates. Furthermore, they possess excellent client assistance that is ready to help during the year. Additionally, next, you want their co-operations, people allow a designated statement manager for your company. The restaurant management Software will combine third-party relationships with expertise to organize the agencies.  


  • Billing. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Request management. 
  • Canteen displays. 
  • Mobile applications. 
  • Table reservations.


Petpooja is an all-in-individual establishment POS management Software that is quick, easy, and effective. Here software has everything you want to enhance client assistance and method orders immediately. Additionally, it combines all the software resolutions that you practice and takes all kinds of amounts.  Moreover, you can customize the software so that thou seat change their marketing needs and reach your aims quicker. The restaurant software in India intention help to explain the tasks from each area of your company. Implementation of PetPooja will increase the potency of your digital marketing company.


  • Various printers. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Online food delivery. 
  • Split statements. 
  • Schedule management. 
  • Worker management.
  • Time management. 
  • Chain management.  

GOFRUGAL Restaurant Software

GOFRUGAL is a restaurant management system that helps to simplify the menu and drink manufacturing processes. This software is an all-comprehensive tool that benefits you; improves your savings because it supports managing products based on your applications. Additionally, this software supervises your list efficiently to decrease reduction and wastage. The restaurant company owners can make an entire summary of all the outlets on a particular stage.  


  • Make a successful menu. 
  • Tools for Client comfort. 
  • Watch online orders. 
  • Schedule management. 
  • Kitchen layouts. 
  • Receipt and record management. 
  • Dynamic pricing.  


Chefdesk is a complete restaurant POS software in India. The software helps your restaurant company to control gatherings with comfort and the ability to increase traffic. Prompt and proper processing of applications is the usual effective way to improve the client’s expertise. Notably, many theaters and business place business partners complete this method in their performance to prepare the applications immediately. It is cloud-based restaurant management that you can perform at a particular break or your various vents.  


  • Billing. 
  • Inventory management. 
  • Manage cash. 
  • Loyalty program. 
  • Performance management. 
  • Combo offers.  

Innkey PMS 

Innkey is a cloud-based restaurant management solution that has all the characteristics to manage your complete hospitality industry. Moreover, this software combines with all the different administrations that you use to organize everything on a particular program. Besides, others have a very friendly, interactive, and intuitive client assistance that solves your inquiries at the present time.  


  • Point of sale. 
  • Stock management. 
  • Budget and profits. 
  • Reservation management. 
  • Finances. 
  • Seamless integration. 
  • Banquet management.  


Restaurant management software in India is a strong tool to analyze their operations also automate them. Each establishment forces have a strange requirement and method, which is why it is important to determine the best software that changes to your needs

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