3 Fun Car Games for Family Road Trips

There’s nothing quite like going on a staycation with the family, especially if you get to take the car out for a drive and enjoy the beautiful British countryside in the process.

Whether you’re staying in a caravan park, a campsite, a charming B&B or a luxury hotel, the team at RegPlates.com have put together a few car games that will keep the kids (and the parents) entertained during the journey.

Twenty questions

Let’s start with a true classic that’s super enjoyable and also requires a bit of brainpower. If you haven’t played twenty questions before, we guarantee you’ll absolutely love the experience and it could very well become your new favourite.

First of all, decide who’s choosing the thing that needs to be guessed by the others. Next, that person lets everyone know what the category is, such as a person, place or object. (If it’s an adult choosing the topic, try to make it something a child can guess – we’re not sure they’ll know who Black Sabbath are.)

It’s then time for the others to take it in turns to guess the answer within twenty questions that require a yes/no response. For instance, if it’s an object you could ask whether if it’s found in a kitchen, then the next question could be if it uses electricity.

Depending on the chosen topic and the skill of the guessers, the answer could be discovered within just a few questions or it may remain elusive till the very end.

Memory tester

It can be easy for kids to remain glued to their phones for hours during a road trip, so some car games offer a good opportunity to help them improve their focus and memory skills. Memory tester is an excellent example, as it requires a lot of concentration whilst remaining great fun.

The first person begins the game by saying something along the lines of “I’m going to a hotel and I’ve packed a toothbrush”. Taking it in turns, the others then add more items to the list and have to recite them in the same order every time.

After a little while, the list will be so long that someone will slip up either by forgetting an item, getting one wrong or listing them incorrectly. They then leave the round and the game carries on until there’s only one person left and they’re declared the winner.

The name game

This is another brilliant car game that gets kids thinking. Begin by choosing a category, such as animals, and name one. The next person then says another animal whose name starts with the last letter of the previous one. For example, Person 1 says cat (ending with letter T), Person 2 says tiger (beginning with T and ending in R), Person 3 says raccoon (beginning with R and ending in N), and so on.

This is a really easy and fun game, with the only other rule being that you can’t name something that’s already been chosen. If you do repeat one, you’re out of the game and the winner is the last one standing.

Don’t forget that you can choose any category you like, from cities and TV shows to plants, toys, first names and types of vehicles.

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