Few Tips to Care Your Lips According to a Type of Lips

So, Beauties today’s topic is lips. Yes! It’s about Lips. According to lip’s softness, we have to take care of them correctly. Wearing lipstick can highlight your face from pale. If you apply all makeup and skip lipstick, you see an incomplete face.

The makeup will not suit your face without lipstick. But if you wear only lipstick, it will look much better. But, did you know, sometimes the common mistakes that we make are the cause of damage to our lips.

Today I’m sharing with you few facts about Common Lip Care Mistakes.


Repeat lipstick coat

Most women think that, if they wear double or triple coat lipstick it will stay longer or increase the Lipstick shades. This is a huge mistake that can make our lips damage. We are asking ourselves what causes dry lips? I will find out one of a cause of dry lips. Repeat coat lipstick applying is one cause of them. Avoid repeat coat, it will make our lips dry and makes lots of dead cells.

Licking lips

People who have to lick their lips are mostly suffering from a lips problem. Licking lips is one of the main reasons causes of dry lips. If you have this bad habit try to get rid out of this problem. Always use lip balm to keep your lips monitories. You can use the best lip balm for dry lips to rid out of this dryness problem.

lips dead skin pulling

This is a reason which I face every day in the morning. After finish, my toothbrush, the dead skin of my lips are started comes out. You may face the same dead skin lip problem differently. But whatever it cause of dead skin, do not pull dead skin with your hands. If you pull your lip’s dead skin with your hand the blood may come out. Always use soft moist cotton or you can use a quality lips scrubber.

Remove lipstick before bed

Yes, Lipstick can enhance our beauty but this is important to remove it before going to sleep. You can add this step to your daily Lip Care Routine. Remove lipstick before bedtime and don’t forget to use lip care gel before bedtime especially in the winter season. This is how you can take care of your lips in daily bases.

In the next part of this article, we will discuss lipstick according to the type of lips

Exfoliate Lips

If you do not want your lips to look patchy or flaky then, do not apply lipstick without properly prepared. First, exfoliate your lips then hydrate your lips with lip balm. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes to absorb the lip balm to your lips and then you apply lipstick. If you have thick lips you can go with nude shades.

Importance of Lip Liner to Thin Lips

Before using any lipstick give your lips a beautiful shape with help of a lip liner. Draw the perfect line and make a beautiful shape. Thin lips? No worries! Lip liner will help you with this problem. You can draw your lips bigger according to your lip shape.

Cupid Bow Lips

If you want cupid bow lips and couldn’t make the shape properly, then I will tell you how you will make it perfect. Take a lip liner and try to make an X in your cupid bow. It will help you to define the cupid bow.


So, these are the tips for taking care of your lip type. Hope this will help you out of your problem. To read more about fashion beauty and lifestyle tips, Visit Staysonstyle Magazine.

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